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2003-07-31 @ 2:04 p.m.
vibrating pen saves the day

Let's see. I have absolutely nothing going on today. No human contact. Well, I did just go to the library and read the New York Times arts section. It takes me less than 3 minutes to walk to the library, so I go over there pretty frequently. Just to get away from here. So I sat in front of a bank of large windows and just lazily read the paper and looked through a few pharmaceutical books detailing the evils of the medication I'm taking. What did I learn? Wellbutrin can make you manic and irritable, give you nightmares and create psychotic episodes.

Oh good, something to do this weekend.

I did wake up at 3:10 a.m. this morning. I mean totally woke up, like lets go shopping, reorganize the apartment and pass a few laws in Congress woke up. Didn't know what time it was until I looked at the clock. You can never tell by the color of the sky at this place. My apartment complex is lit up 24 hours a day, so its like living in Nightshade, Alaska in the summer. (Anyone get that movie reference? The movie, "Insomnia" with Al Pacino and Robin Williams. OK, never mind.) So that's just what a manic depressive needs...more time to create havoc.

I read today that Bush is trying to ban gay marriages. Oh Bushie, you've already ticked off half of the universe, why pick on the well-coifed, home-owning, taxpaying other half now. Honestly. I really want to write Barbara Bush and ask her how many times she dropped Dubya on his freakin' head as a baby.

People are going to do what they want. You can't legislate love. They already tried to legislate art a few years back by trying to tell people what they could hang in museums. What is obscene? Well, that is subjective, of course, especially where art is concerned. The only thing I find obscene is the growing numbers of young men and women dying over in Iraq.

And that gay marriage ban sure isn't going to win you many votes. Maybe Aunt Betty in Indiana, but you're going to lose the large metropolitan areas that are jam packed full of homosexual business owners who are finally going to throw up their hands at the Republican Party and just blindly vote for whatever Democrat is brave enough to go up against The Mega Money Man.

See, I knew I could come up with a subject. I'm not gay, but one of my best friends is. Him and his significant other make a lot of money and pay lots of taxes. He is actually a Bush supporter and supported the war in Iraq (we don't talk about that, since we are about as lefty and righty on the subject as you can get). But I don't think he'll suddenly hate Bush because of the Gay Marriage Ban. He just lives happily with his boyfriend in a fancy apartment with a doorman and awesome views. And sends me presents. :-)

I got the nicest thing from him yesterday. I guess I've been bitching a lot in e-mails (who'd thunk, right?), so he sent me the CD from the musical HAIRSPRAY, which he had gotten me a ticket to last Fall. And then he also included a Massage Pen. What a riot! He said it was for when the real masseuse (Married Guy) wasn't around. But this looks, act and writes like a real pen, but if you hit this tiny button on top it vibrates. Is that not clever? Gee, now I can get aroused while writing my cable bill.

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