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2003-09-07 @ 2:22 p.m.
sunday yammering

My shrink sent me an e-mail last night offering me a house sitting job for around $300. Yowza! I'm there. A house in the eastern burbs'. Probably a yuppie manor with cable TV. No pets involved (although they make house sitting more fun. I like taking care of kitties and doggies). Not sure when it is. This may become my new career.

I house sit/pet-sit for the Married Guy fairly frequently. Although I don't get paid there. He used to make it sound like I was going on vacation from one of my scummy apartments.

You'll be out in the country! In a big house! You'll be able to play with Petie! (his dog) Oh yay!

It actually was a nice gig for the most part, because in fact, I DID want to get out of one of my scummy apartments into a big rambling country manor.

It was just this last 6 day stay at his house that I finally made it a massage barter. I was there almost a week taking care of his dog and two cats and taking in the mail, watering the plants, plus the inconvenience of driving a distance into town for all my appointments. And he doesn't even have cable TV. Plus he never leaves me any food.

At the end of that same week I had house sat for another friend for 2 days and she had welcomed me with a fridge full of food including ice cream and Hershey chocolate sauce plus paid me. He did agree to the massage barter and I think that will be the agreement from here on in. House sitting for massages. Sounds reasonable to me. I think this should be post-rated for all my house sitting in the last 3 years. I'd have about 20 hours of massages coming. Sounds good to me. My thighs are waiting.

Talked briefly to my landlord this morning. Mrs. Soprano. Got a few ground rules. Had been parking in the wrong place. Also got the heads up on the fact that all my moving boxes are incorrectly placed in front of the house. I'm supposed to cut them all down and tie them together. I had broken them down and placed them inside larger boxes, but I guess that was wrong. I asked her about storage, but she said there wasn't any. The other tenant had bought a storage shed and left it behind, but I guess they're taking it over. So I am still trying to compress everything further into a single bedroom closet. I did take a television cart and bookcase to Goodwill today. I just couldn't fit them into my house. I still have one little side table that I refuse to give up. It just doesn't fit anywhere. I'll have to figure out what to do with it.

Just changed the music. I'm still rearranging things. I have 2 CD players with radios. The CD player doesn't work on the one in my bedroom and it only has a radio. That was what I was listening to as I write, but I got sick of listening to political commercials for a local election Tuesday.

So now I'm listening to the Broadway version of "Sophisticated Ladies" with the great Gregory Hines. He was one of my favorite entertainers. He was so unaffected and naturally cool. I was so shocked when I heard about his recent death. I'll really miss him.

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