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2003-09-19 @ 12:32 a.m.
I did it E-Bay


Am I having great sex? No, I just looked at my stuff on E-Bay. I'm having a great week. Well, great for me.

I bought a book of music for a dollar at the local library book sale Saturday and its up almost $30. I just sold an old photo album I had bought in California years ago for a minimal price for almost $50.


If I could do this every week I wouldn't be so freakin' poor. I just discovered E-Bay selling a little over a year ago. I'm a pack rat who likes to go to garage sales. And I seem to have a semi-knack for picking up sellable goodies. I very rarely don't sell what I put on. I mainly deal in paper products. Books and postcards mostly. Mainly because I'm too dumb to figure out postage on heavier things. If I ever mastered that I'd be rich. I have a shit-load of expensive Fiestaware and Bauer dishes I could sell. I'm just too lazy to pack and weigh them.

I'm pretty small potatoes though. No thousand dollar sales. Just $5 here. $10 here. Actually my $40 something sale today has been my biggest sale to date. But I love it when I find something for pennies and sell it for DOLLARS. I've had some great sales since I started.

Last summer, for instance, I bought a record for a quarter at an estate sale and it turned out to be some rare 14" LP that sold for almost $30. Another time I stopped at a roadside sale at an Indian Reservation and bought an old book with postage stamps in it from around the world for $1. and sold it for $26. Just this summer I bought some Scottish postcards for 10 cents and sold them for $8. The buyer, a college professor at some ivy league school, was on the verge of offering me his first born, thanking me, telling me how beautiful they were.

No problem, honey. You just inadvertently helped me pay my electric bill.

But reality aside, probably the most fun I had was when I found this old Samsonite suitcase at an estate sale. It was in an upstairs bedroom of this unremarkable house and it was jammed full of postcards (well over 75), old souvenir books from places like Hawaii, Disneyland, Amish Country, as well as old magazines about the NASA space program in the 1960's and even some train schedules from the Transcontinental Canadian Railways.

I just took all the stuff out when I got home (and it was in good shape), organized it into piles. There were postcards from 1960s Hawaii. Then a bunch from 1960s Catskills. Then some from 1960s Florida. And even a batch from 1960s Amish Country in Pennsylvania. I just started dividing them up and putting them on E-Bay separately. About 97% of the stuff sold from it. Ended up, from a $3 suitcase full of junk, I made close to $100.

Now, that's a profit margin I can definitely live with.

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