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2003-09-21 @ 7:18 p.m.
the lake with walking fish

Geeze. Another hopelessly beautifully Fall day. Will I even be able to remember it when there's 37 inches of snow on my car this December?

I went for a 3 1/2 mile walk today along our local lake (See Married Guy...I'm walking, and I didn't even need oxygen or the assistance of EMTs). We have paved pathways along the edge of a lake which is purported to be one of the most polluted lakes in the country. Yes, we're proud of our accomplishments. Its in all our brochures.

It seems that some of our early forefathers thought it was OK to dump DNA damaging carcinogens into the lake. Our fish can kick your fish asses. They're tough. Twenty-seven fins instead of three. Five eyes instead of 2. They even have legs. We have a large shopping mall at the edge of the lake and early in the morning sometimes you'll see them doing mall walks. The fish. They'll stop at Starbucks and get cappachinos. You would think it would be hard for a fish to hold a cappachino and walk, but they do have 27 fins.

Our lake is still cute though. As long as you don't touch it. There are basically 5 different types of people you see there. Old people who are out exercising. Yay for them. Middle aged women, who usually walk in pairs. Single guys on rollerblades. Young chicks with tanks tops and pony tails, who also travel in pairs. And then families with kids. I don't fall into any category. I'm in a subcategory. Bipolar girl who can walk without assistance. Hear that Married Guy?

Oh and I forgot. There are also a lot of dogs. They even have a good-dog park for dogs who won't embarrass their owners with any unnecessary barking or pooping. If I were a dog, I'm not sure they would let me in. Maybe if I took a clonopin first.

I remember going to this park once about a year ago. I usually walk rather rapidly with my head down, like I'm shouldering a gale force wind.

Suddenly there is this woman walking along side me. She's alone but she's talking. And suddenly she's talking to me, asking me why I walk along the lake. Before I could answer (as if I would even choose to), she was off. She did it because, because, because. And her husband did this. Her son did that. She was going to Florida soon. She was on AOL alot. She crocheted her own blankets. She was president of some local organization (Wingnuts Inc., I think). And then I made a very grave error. Sometime during this explosion of mega-mouth, she told me her daughter was bipolar (and to be honest folks, I think she was too). And I said, "Oh, me too."


Well, now we were officially best friends. I would most certainly have to start going to meetings with her or something. We had so much in common. She wanted my AOL name so we would chat online. I apologized and said I didn't chat online. I only used the internet for "work", to which she replied, "Oh, I work on the internet, too" (Why didn't I see that coming?).

Fortunately, we eventually ran out of sidewalk and I headed for my car. I didn't look back but I think she turned around just in time to catch another unsuspecting soul.

Maybe she could join Charlie the 12 Eyed Tuna for a cappachino.

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