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2003-09-29 @ 9:18 p.m.
a lesson in nothing

This entry will be like a Seinfeld episode. You'll read it. Keep reading it. Say hey, I'm reading an entry in a Diaryland. I've really got to do my laundry, but by God, this is so entertaining, I might miss something. Like when that funny neighbor swings open the door and enters and everyone applauds and laughs. See, if you hadn't kept reading you might have missed that part. And think how disappointed you would have been. I realize you've already bookmarked this entry. Seeing its your favorite and all.

But as the writer of this entry, I do realize my future will be changing shortly. Because if you're reading this, I'm sure Hollywood agents are reading this too. And I definitely know Quentin Tarantino is reading this. He sees the obvious talent in my writing. He wants me for Kill Bill Volume 2. I know he does. Chick on Chick action. Long extended scenes of violent gun play. Knife fights at Chinese Restaurants. Its so obvious I have a flair for that sort of thing.

You're still reading right? Good. You can go get a sandwich now. I'm done with my entry.

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