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2003-10-09 @ 7:38 p.m.
flea Armageddon day

I got you (I feel good)

Music & Lyrics : T. Wright - James Brown

Wo! I feel good, I knew that I wouldn't of

I feel good, I knew that I wouldn't of

So good, so good, I got you!!!

No, I didn't get lucky with Married Guy, but I did get my rent deposit check back today! Talk about psyched! Seeing a check for $440 with my name on it. I never see checks with my name on it. My SSD check is direct deposited. I'm a happy camper. Wish I could keep it, but I owe people money, so I'll just gaze lovingly at it for the next 12 hours and then turn it over to the proper authorities.

But it was a most awesome day for other reasons. I know you're all scratching your collective heads. Is this the ill tempered, grumpy witty kitty we're all used to? Did somebody put catnip in her kibble? No. Besides getting the check, it was also Armageddon day for the fleas at **** ************ Street.

The flea situation was at a crisis level at my house. They were everywhere. I was starting to name them. They had social security numbers.

And my poor kitty was literally crawling with the little bastards. She looked miserable. She's normally a big Torti fluffball, but she had literally licked or ripped out about 30% of her fur. It looked like the aftermath of the Sigfried and Roy show around the living room. After a while she wouldn't even walk on the floor, except to get to her catbox.

So I decided to take drastic measures. Poverty be damned. (this was before I got the check, but my cat's health was more important than food, so shut up). I flea-bombed the house and got the cat professionally dealt with today. Got a flea bath and an Advantage treatment. They also insisted on a distemper shot. Could have done without that extra expense, since she's an indoor kitty, but they wouldn't see her without it.

So around 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, I was off the Richter scale for glad feelings. I was walking into a house thick with dead flea carcasses (ok that part wasn't THAT fun since I had to vacuum them up), but having no razor chompered buggies attacking me and my cat and having a check for $440 in my hand was pretty damn groovy.

I immediately called my Mom with the news. She had helped me out financially with the cat. First words out of her mouth...

"Be sure to write the landlord a thank you note for the deposit."

Arghh!!! But of course. Forget that I had to suffer several months of mental anguish due to the fact that I was growing freakin' anthrax under my couch. But ok.

My Mom's second piece of the check immediately. Oh ok, like it has an expiration date on it or the landlord might change his mind and say, ya know, there was that speck of dust in the corner of the bedroom.

But the check will be dispatched immediately. I have to pay people as I said. Darn. Think how fun it would have been to take my flea buddies on a vacation to Cancun with me.

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