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2003-10-11 @ 9:06 p.m.
Google Me

I discovered something rather alarming about my diaryland diary the other day. I have this counter device on it and I somehow accessed information on how people were dropping in on my diary and how they were finding me. Key words on Google.

The first one I discovered was Speidie Sauce. Looked up Speidie Sauce on Google and there was an entry from my freakin' diary.


Now all those Speidie sauce fanciers who are looking for recipes for Speidie Chicken are going to be coming up with my latest diary entry about penises.

How did that happen? I'm at a total loss. I was also listed under Bitch Slap, Dollar Stores and Selma Hayek.

Of course, one good thing, I'll be totally lost in the 1.8 gazillion listings for the word Masturbation. I wouldn't really want THAT getting around.

I guess I never realized the power of the Internet, until I started seeing my Diary popping up almost as many times as Brittany Spears listings. You sort of feel anonymous when you're writing this stuff, until you find yourself listed under "Bitch Slap". This is a little scary.


Oh geeze, now I'll be listed under Shit too.

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