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2003-10-26 @ 7:37 p.m.
typing naked

Ok, I got this really great idea for a diary ring in the shower tonight. The Naked While You Type Your Diaryland Entry ring. What do you think? Do you think people will join? Its true, it probably would have been better to start it when it was hot out, but here's what I was thinking...

Anybody can join. The rule is, no rules! Yay! Well, maybe there should be a couple of rules.

Ok first, for the teens. If you're going to get naked, and your boyfriend is over, and you're going to use this as an excuse for sex. Don't. You can only do this when you're done with your homework. If this rule is broken you will have to write 23 term papers and repeat your Junior year in high school three times.

Old guys. No typing with your lovestick. I know you'll be tempted to try it. But I know for a fact, that there will be a lot of typos, and what good is a Diaryland entry with a lot of keep it zipped.

Girls with big boobs. Well, I know they're distracting. Mine aren't even big and I keep catching sight of them everytime I look down at the keyboard. They're sort of hard to miss. Boobs between your eyeballs and the keyboard. Yeah, they're kinda distracting but just think VERB...VERB...VERB. That always works for me.

Parents. Of course you know to wait til the kids go to bed, right? Father O'Hara teaching the Internet class down at the Youth Center...maybe you should wait til the lads depart. Ok, good...

And for the others who type their entries on computers at:

1) Work

2) The Public Library

3) Cyber Coffee Houses

You should probably re-think joining this diary-ring. Typing nude in public is illegal. And I don't want you whining to the authorities that some cyber-chick told you to do it.

So them's the rules. What do you think? Do you think anyone will join? No? Well, even if the idea tanks, I sure had fun typing this. Thank God my computer is next to a baseboard heater. :-)

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