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2003-11-08 @ 2:28 p.m.
dialing from the heart

I've only recently heard the term drunk dialing here on Diaryland. What is it? I had never heard of it till I got here. Calling people when you're looped? Well, I don't drink, but last night I came very close to doing what I'll call I'm-so-depressed-I-have-to-call-someone-and-spread-the-joy-or-I'll-kill-myself dialing.

No, it wasn't quite that bad (I am a drama queen after all). But I was depressed. And I did get out my little address book. This little book is from my childhood. It has an iridescent butterfly sticker on the first page. Is that not cool? Well, it was when I was 12 and first got the address book.

So I started going through the book alphabetically. Its amazing how many people in there are total blanks. Some of them were temp workers I worked with in San Francisco. Co-workers at Macys. Co-workers at Gannett Newspaper. I had my 7th grade math tutor in there. She was a nun. I had her listed both as her name Ambrose, as in Sister Ambrose and also under the letter "S" for Sr. Ambrose. Well, I was 12 after all.

I also had a listing which said "Sick Number", under "S" naturally. Now I don't know if this was a number I called in sick for a job or it was just a "sick" number. Or maybe it was my mom's phone number. heh. heh.

And then there was Bruce Willis' address. Not really. It was just his agent's Hollywood address, like where you could send for an autographed picture back when he was doing "Moonlighting" in the 1980's.

Also in the W's, was Robin William's address. I actually knew where he lived because I lived near him in the Wine Country in California. I discovered it by accident one day. My Dad and I were driving on some country road way up in the hills above Napa Valley and who comes driving up behind us in a convertible? Robin Williams. We finally came to a dead-end and had to turn around and he went on through some large metal gates up a hill. Bingo. That's where Robin Williams lives.

After that I used to drive up there every once in a while. It was achingly beautiful up there. I'd park my car and walk up through the hills. You could see Robin's house up in the distance on the hillside. One day I saw a guy who lived on the road. I asked him about whether Robin lived there (even though I knew he did). The guy said, "Oh yeah, he lives in that J.C. Penney's building up on the hill. He drives too fast."

So I had Robin Williams address but not his phone number.

So I continued to go through my little address book. Came across my Manhattan friend. He had 2 pages of addresses. He's almost as bad as me. I then came across Aretha Franklin with the word R-E-S-P-E-C-T written next to it. It was in the "R"'s naturally. Not sure why that was there. Also found some password information from long past AOL accounts, a hand drawn picture of a frog with a heart, and my Dad's last phone number in Virginia. He died last March. He's really the person I would have liked to have talked with the most.

But alas, I don't have the listing for Heaven.

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