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2003-12-12 @ 7:42 p.m.
living like the rich folk

Well, I'm coming to you live from high atop the mansion I'm house sitting for the next month. I kind of feel like Granny, Jed, Elly Mae and Jethro when they first set foot in Beverly Hills and got a load of their cee-ment pond.

I mean, this place isn't really a mansion. Paris Hilton would scoff, but you could fit my entire house in the living room of this place.

It is a 4 story Arts and Crafts Manor, with miles of highly polished hardwood floors, African art hanging everywhere, everything a kitchen could ever want and I'm typing on this mega-MAC computer named Hal.

Today when my friends and I were on the way to the airport (they drove and I brought their car home), they kind of sadly admitted they had finished up most of what was left in the refrigerator. I was a little disappointed, but hey I'm getting paid for this gig, so... But when I got here mid-afternoon with a few groceries from home, and looked in their fridge, it was like ten times what I usually have right after I go grocery shopping. Breads, fruit, pie, ice cream (2 cartons -- uh oh), crackers, orange juice, milk, Hershey's chocolate sauce, vegetables, English muffins, rice, even a stash of Halloween candy.

As Jed Clampett would say...Hoo-doggie!

And it was also nice driving their damn spanking new car home. We were having a freakin' blizzard on the way to the airport. Cars were spun out on the highway. Total whiteout conditions and I was thinking, how am I going to trust myself to drive this totally new car home without going into some ditch somewhere. Its one of those Toyota Pria (sorry about the spelling). It runs on both gasoline and, gee I don't know, tofu rinds or something. Anyways, sometimes you can hear the soft purr of an engine and sometimes you can't. It was really disconcerting. But it was also a total blast to drive. I turned on the stereo and naturally it was tuned to a jazz station. And I wasn't half as scared driving in the snow with that car, as I was in my old clunker. It just seemed to hold the road better.

Hey, I could get used to this!

I did stop at my house on the way back to the house sitting gig. Had to pick up the kitty. I had been warning her for days now. OK dearest, you're gonna be seeing this large black thing called a dog on Friday. But nothing could really prepare her for the sight of Kesai. I had carried her up to my bedroom in her cat carrier and then after she had settled down a bit, I carried her to the top of the stairs to look down upon the almighty doggie. Poor kitty. She started quivering so bad I thought she was going to have a kitty panic attack. So I guess she will be camping out with me in my bedroom. No kitty/doggy slumber parties.

But I was glad that I did stop home because I got a most interesting postcard. A postcard from UPS. We've got a package for you...but we can't find you.

Fortunately by then, the blizzard had subsided, so I headed over to UPS, kind of puzzled. What would I have at UPS? And then they brought out this relatively large box and did all this paperwork and scanning and checking of ID, before I could really see what it was.

It was a Samsung DVD Player! Yay!

I'm about 99 and 9/10% sure its from my Gay Friend down in Manhattan. He had said he was sending me something and he knew I was going to be housesitting so he had to get it to me soon and he had said it wouldn't be wrapped.

I was so psyched! I mean I can't afford to go out and buy any DVDs or anything, but our local libraries has them, so I'll be able to partake of them anytime I wish! I did send "G" an e-mail quizzing him about the DVD player, but I haven't heard from him yet.

But it has to be him. I just decided to bring it with me here, since I'll have a lot of free time.

As for the nude picture situation....I was never able to delete them out of the digital camera last night and Lord knows I tried for about 45 minutes. But sheer stupidity worked in my favor for once, when I pushed some incorrect combination of buttons this morning, and everything was History.

Also my friend said they didn't need to take that camera with them, because they have some ultra-fancy thing, so I just reshot all the pictures of my artwork today and actually have them on a zip disk now.

I'm still deciding whether I have the courage to post any of them. I'm a rather sensitive flower. Not sure if I could take any criticism, whether it was constructive or not. So we'll see.

So that's about it. A pretty good day, all in all.

And a freakin' DVD player! Wow, I must have been a good girl at some point this year...maybe for like 5 minutes. :-)

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