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2003-12-26 @ 3:48 p.m.
some new ideas for stir frying

Ever have one of those colds that go into your ear and you can hear yourself talking? Fruck, this is annoying. Plus every time I blow my nose, it feels like an icepick is being jammed deep into my auditory cavity.

When will this madness end?

And speaking of madness, despite my continuing ill health, I did go out amongst the thronging masses today, mainly out of boredom. I didn't have anything to return but I did have a teensy, eensy gift card to Blockbuster Videos for $5, which was happily enough for a down payment on a used DVD of "CHICAGO" . It was my sole present to myself since I am flat broke at the moment. I figured I was worth $5 more and I love CHICAGO.

I saw the original Broadway production on stage with Gwen Verdon, Chita Rivera and Jerry Orbach in San Francisco back in ...when was it? Late 1970's? Or early 1980s? And of course, it was totally thrilling for a Broadway geek like me. Seeing the two queens of Broadway, Gwen and Chita... I don't think I ever stopped grinning the entire two plus hours.

And of course l liked the movie too. Its an entirely different beast than the original Broadway production, but I'm not one of those Broadway purist griping about the loss of every Fosse hand movement. I just watch it for what it is. CHICAGO the movie!

So last night after I came home from mommy dearest I decided to call a couple of my friends in California for Christmas. Well, actually they ended up calling me, since I'm house sitting and didn't want to send my host family's phone bill in the stratosphere. I just had them call me back. One friend talked to me for an hour and a half and the other one for an hour. So I was on the phone until almost 1 a.m.

It was really fun catching up with them though. I call each of them my best friend. I realize the word BEST should only be applied to one person/thing at a time, but each is my BEST friend in a different way.

One of them is my girlfriend from high school. She's Japanese/Mexican and likes hockey. We've been friends since 1973, and even briefly lived together, until we realized that that wasn't such a good idea and parted ways, in order to remain friends.

My other friend was an older woman who I had worked with in retail. Throughout my life I had always gravitated towards older women for friendship. I think I was because I was always looking for a mommy. But this particular friendship stuck because "S" was very fun-loving and caring and didn't mind stepping into the mommy role occasionally. We just never dwelled on it. She's been to visit me on the East Coast about 5 times and is one of the most positive people I've ever met. Definitely something I need.

So it was great catching up. Told both of them about the recent Zenshrink incident. Its funny how different their reactions were.

My Japanese friend was ready to twist his balls off and stirfry them in a wok. My other friend was mostly concerned about my well being.

I thought I saw Zenshrink today at the grocery store. I rounded a corner into a completely empty aisle and saw this older man stooping down to pick something up and my heart nearly ripped out my chest in fear. I still can't figure out why I am some frickin' fearful of this whole thing. I guess it will take time to heal.

It was a really pretty day out today. The snow is nearly melted and the sun was out. Today is also Married Guy's birthday. I haven't called him or anything. His sister is visiting so he's probably busy entertaining her and I'm sure he won't be crushed if I don't call him.

I did get him a funny birthday card today. Of course it will only be a companion card to the one he bought me last February. On the front of it, it said something to the affect "I bet you would love to see a naked picture of me for your birthday..." (if you know old snagglepuss here, you definitely know the answer to that), and then you opened it up and it was a picture of an adorable little baby...naked of course. It was cute, and yes, a little suggestive. But mine today, is just funny. I'm being good.

So plans for tonight? Besides basking in the the thrill of Richard Gere singing "Razzle Dazzle" in CHICAGO (the clogged up ear will surely come in handy here)... I've got to take some time to recover. I've been sick now for almost 9 days. I feel totally whipped and look like a zombie from "Night of the Living Dead". So it might be time for a nice, long hot bath. And I did get a bunch of candles for Christmas, so that'll be nice. I think its time to take care of myself.

Hey there's an idea, Einstein.

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