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2003-12-28 @ 7:25 p.m.
the true meaning of dolphin telepathy

Now that I've been dog sitting for over 2 weeks, I realize why I'm a cat person.

My little doggie companion is very cute. Well behaved. Pees on command. Hasn't chewed on my cat yet, but she is always staring at me.

What's up with that?

I think I like the indifference of cats. They let you live your life and don't give you the hairy eyeball if you're watching Vh1 on the futon.

Yesterday I was in this local hippy new age bookstore checking out some last minute gift ideas for the elderly party I was going to. I only had a budget for a candle but there were these things called Freudian Slippers. What were they? A pair of slippers designed to look like Sigmund Freud. What a freakin' riot. If I were independently wealthy, I would have definitely bought them for my shrink as a gag gift. I'm sure he would have laughed.

Of course, being a bookstore, there were also many more things to look at. And I found some books that are definitely going on my birthday wish list in February like "Dolphin Telepathy" and "Idiot's Guide to Reincarnation". I mean the idiot part goes without saying, but isn't the whole title kind of an oxymoron? If you done got yourself dead, its gonna be a little difficult to hold the freakin' book, isn't it?

So this was Day One of being Carless. I had a couple of "Oh shit" moments like I had just checked out a couple of DVDs and books from the library and they are in the car trunk. And the car is about 12 miles from here. There is also a really important receipt from my shrink for my Medicaid spend down on the back seat and I will have no medical coverage on January 1st without it. And we had forgotten to get an updated receipt on my last appointment. And now he's on a 2 week vacation. Shit.

My mom, of course, had driven me home last night. I had her come into my house sitting place briefly to draw her a map to get home. She grew up in this town, but still can't go one block without getting blindingly lost.

So I drew the map. Right turn, left turn, right turn at the light. Ok. Got it. She said she'd call me when she got home. This was 10:30. At midnight I finally called her. The trip home should have taken 15 minutes tops. She got lost and ended up in the drive-by shooting part of town and went into a market and talked to an undercover cop who gave her additional directions and then she got even further lost with his directions.

But finally, through the grace of God, she somehow managed to find the HIGHWAY NORTH. Good mom...and got home at midnight. Unfortunately after all this getting lost stuff, she announced she will probably "never be able to find my house sitting location again." So I'm wondering what I'm going to do. There are buses nearby, but my broken car is beyond a bus stop. Guess I might have to press Married Guy into action.

And in the meantime I have to worry about groceries. This house is located behind a large university and today I walked down through the campus to a drugstore to get a some milk and soda. I didn't mind the walk down (probably about 2 miles round trip), but carrying a pint of milk and a 2 litre bottle of soda back up the hill got incredibly heavy. And to make matters worse, there was some sporting event letting out on campus, and I was walking against the crowd. And I need kitty litter really bad. I can't imagine carrying a 10 pound bag up the hill.


So in an effort to be nice to wittykitty I drew a hot bath when I got home. I lit all the candles I could find in the house. I still had some patchouli and orange bathsalts, which I poured in at the last minute. The sunlight was pouring in through the window. My legs were a little achy, so I pretended that one of my favorite men was giving me a little bath.

I closed my eyes and slowly rubbed the soap over my thighs, and then up my abdomen and then gave my breasts quite a sensuous scrubfest. The nips were exceedingly happy and they really deserve it since they're so cute. And as I was doing that, I was laying in the water thinking...

Hmmm....Dolphin Telepathy....I wonder what they talk about?

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