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2004-01-02 @ 5:00 p.m.
beauty and art 24/7...please

I think my cat may be bipolar. She caught it from me. I really believe that pets are like their owners. My cat is very shy and reticent about meeting new people. She runs and hides when people come to the house, yet when she's alone, or with me (same thing), she's a very wild young woman.

About the only place we differ is our sleeping habits. I only sleep about 6-7 hours a day. She sleeps about 23 hours a day. When is she awake? She metes out that one hour of awake time over an 18 hour period. Ten minutes here, 4 minutes here, 7 minutes there. But her main show biz/"ain't I wonderful" period starts approximately 1 minute 32 seconds after I turn off the lights to go to bed. And then its the freakin' Cat Olympics.

She was particularly obnoxious last night. There are two beds in my housesitting house and she must have raced between the two beds about 10 times, using my face as a launch pad several times. And then in one go-around she hit the pastor's desk full brunt and knocked several religious books into the garbage can. I don't know if she was making a political statement or what, but I was just about ready to hang her skinny ass out the window if she didn't pipe down.

One manic freak in the house is enough.

Well, I already made my first mistake of 2004. I let the doggie out yesterday and then conked out with a sinus headache for 2 hours. I totally forgot her. Oy. It was definitely a two dog bone offense. I didn't even make her "speak" for her cookie. I'm glad dogs can't talk, otherwise the SPCA would be on my ass. Fortunately the weather was ok, so at least she didn't suffer.

My sinus problems have been pretty significant. The only relief I get is when I take hot baths. Took a nice one this morning. I still had some patcholie/orange blossom bath salts left. I actually used more than usual. I usually try to make the package last for 4 baths, but I used about a half a package today and was able to enjoy its real true benefit. Its a foaming bath. And for the first time, it actually foamed and fizzled and turned milky.

I had been reading an artbook last night about drawing perspective. I have a lot of trouble with that, and yet the book presented the most simple of solutions. The distant part of the image is lighter, the closer part of the image is darker. Well, duh! Why didn't I think of that?

So that's what I was thinking of in the bathtub this morning, as I was looking at the various parts of my body poking out of the fizzy water. I had my toes down by the drain....then a single knee...then my tummy...then my breasts.

Voila! A perfect example of perspective! Now if only I could get my sketch pad into the tub without getting it wet.

Unfortunately today, despite my continuing sinus pain I had to take my spend-down receipt to the Medicaid office so I would have health insurance for January. I hate going to that place. I never go there without seeing a scummy street guy or a bruised child. But I whisked right in and whisked right out today. I decided for such bravery, I would give myself a treat and head over to the Art Museum a block away.

I think I can safely say, with little chance of debate, there is no well warn path between the Medicaid office and the Art Museum. Ok, I said it. Yup, I'm a total snob.

Even with my head throbbing I knew I needed a little culture. Or as my favorite college professor Mr. Bigby used to say..."cult-cha". We have a pretty decent museum for a small city. I've actually had work displayed there twice in amateur shows ... photography to be exact. I'm a lot better in photography than drawing. A lot!

Amazingly the first room I hit was all female nudes done in ink. Yay! It was a new exhibit I hadn't seen before and I really enjoyed it. I liked it not only because of its beauty, but also because the images weren't necessarily realistic, just representational. Something I can definitely identify with.

Upstairs was an exhibit which used barbed wire, chains and hooks called lynch fragments. They were wicked looking. I'd hate to have one of those things fall on my head.

And then I went to visit my favorite painting...a Jackson Pollock. It's brighter than his usual works. It has a bright red background with lots of blue and yellows splatters. Very exhilarating.

On the way back downstairs I had a female security guard ask me if I liked the museum. I told her I was an artist and just came to soak up some art. She asked if I came to "borrow ideas" . I said um,, not exactly, more like Inspiration. Thought the "borrowing" comment was a little weird.

Unfortunately, it was soon back to reality after that. I went to the grocery store and had my food stamps declined.

Maybe I should try applying perspective to that.

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