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2004-01-12 @ 9:43 p.m.

So anyone have green tea leaves and hops clinging to their ass right now? scanning the's that..what...only me? God, I am so freakin' embarrassed.

I think my license to be an adult is about to be revoked. I am in the midst of yet another sinus headache. This one is a doozy. An upper right cut to the left temple. So I decided to take a hot bath and try a new bath salts called dream sweet with hops and orange blossoms.

MMmmm...sounds intriguing. So I drew the bath. Ripped open the package. Oh, this is interesting...there's another package I ripped that open and went to fling it under the running water and it was FREAKING TEA LEAVES spraying across my bathtub...


See I'm not a tea drinker. You would think the little tea bag container would have been a dead giveaway, if I had been semi-conscious. So now my bathtub looks like a giant cup of Oolong tea...sans bag.

Did I take my bath? Hell yes. But I cursed the entire time at how stupid I was, as I picked pieces of black tea out of my pubic hair.

Its been quite a whirlwind day though. When I was housesitting and had access to cable TV, I had gotten addicted to this silly show called "Clean Sweep", which brings professionals in to force sloppy pack rat types to clean their houses and throw away their old, useless crap.

Well, thats what I did all day. It had actually started last night when I had realized how much junk I had and how little space I had to put it in.

So today I was brutal...throwing away lots and lots of stuff and making up some bags to go to Goodwill.

It's amazing how much you accumulate. I tend to buy a lot of stupid stuff at garage sales, mostly in the form of books. Its also amazing the stuff you choose to lug around with you. The "Welcome to Medicaid" book. Christmas cards from people I can't remember. Some of those big floppy disks from the 1980's. Useful...coughnot!

I opened one box of software called Web Studio. Presumably I had had some ambition to build a web page at some point. Instead there was an old sex toys catalogue inside.

Whoops, how did that get in there?? (grin)...a different kind of hard drive I guess.

I also had this large box of Christmas junk blocking my closet since I moved here. I just had no space to put it anywhere. Well, today I went through it, and with another bin I had cleaned out, I reconfigured everything, and now I can actually walk to my closet without thinking about Christmas. Yay!

My cat was incredibly patient, because the packing and unpacking staging area was on the bed where she was laying. She thought it was for her sake. Like...oh good, more room for me to look cute in.

I even managed to multi-task a little, and got in a little self pleasuring, but I soon realized orgasms and sinus headaches aren't really condusive with each other. Ouch.

I finally heard from Married Guy today (hey, how was that for a great segue...orgasm...Married Guy...Married Guy....orgasmmmmmm...I'm always in the loop for great segues).

He's been fighting his recent arrest and it looks like the cops are going to drop the charges. It seems that this particular cop has had some other instances of unneccessary roughness with African Americans and when Married Guy stepped in to help (the cop was beating up on an African American youth), he was arrested because of a mere verbal comment about going to the media. And he would have. He's absolutely fearless in that department.

So yay for Married Guy. I actually hadn't known the whole story until now. He's always helped the underdog. That's what I like about him. He's a good guy.

Well, gotta go check my tub. I've been draining the tub through a wash cloth for the last hour. All I need now is a dash of milk and a giant spoon to stir it and I'll have the biggest frooking cup o' tea on the East Coast.

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