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2004-01-19 @ 2:50 p.m.
unmasking the kitty - - feathers optional

Anyone have a friend who's life is so much more interesting then yours that you hang on their every word, yet you are so incredibly jealous that you want to whack them along side of their head?

That's my gay friend down in Manhattan. We grew up together in a small town in Northern California and then he went onto a show business career in New York and I went onto boring life in...well, somewhere on the East Coast.

I love hearing about his adventures with show business types. Oh Al Pacino came back stage tonight. I went to a play reading with Ed Norton and saw Selma Hyack knitting. We used to get in as much show business as we could growing up. We went to a lot of plays in San Francisco and would hang out at any movie sets we could if they were filming in the area.

Just this past week my friend house sat for a famous person of stage, screen and television in Manhattan. He's talked about this guy before. He's kind of a cult figure in show business, but in real life he's kind of a stodgy and boring. So the movie star guy entrusted his Manhattan apartment to my friend, who took pictures of it and his kitties and sent them to me. This is so vintage "G". He's always felt the need to be close to famous people to feel good. I used to be that way when I was younger, but I soon realized that people are just people, ya know?

But I guess its still fun for my friend to walk among the famous. He went to see Bette Midler last night and was all agog about the show, which I'm sure was fabulous. And of course, telling me who sat in close proximity was really important to him too, so I let him have his fun. I was duly impressed. They were all big names in show business, but I wanted to hear how the show was. Did she look good? But I guess who was there was important too.

I used to have so much fun with my friend though, when we were kids. We used to play dress up so much. I really can't remember who would initiate it.

I was always ready to be nutty. And I usually had my camera with me. And my gay friend was always ready to be photographed in some theatrical pose. I didn't have much of an ego, even in those days, so I would let him be the star, only occasionally asking him to take my picture.

So I was going through my photos today. I am still pretty under the weather, and its snowing like hell and I don't feel like going out and getting a major coughing attack, so I decided to throw on a picture of wittykitty.

Aren't you all excited? Yeah, I bet. Of course, since I'm a shy puss, you won't be seeing much of my face (save that for the post office most wanted wall). But this photo was from one of our dress up sessions in the 1980's.

It was actually Halloween night, so we actually had a legitimate reason to be "weird" for a change. Looking back at this photo I can't help but notice a kind of S&M tone. Lordy...that certainly wasn't the case. I was just adjusting a Mardi Gras mask my friend had loaned me for the photo. I think he actually snapped the picture before I was ready.

It kind of reminds me of the new Halle Berry Catwoman movie coming out. But hey, I was bootilicious way before Halle Berry was, so back off.

So here's wittykitty in her Mardi Gras finest. Don't get too excited. Have a glass of water nearby in case you need it. Hey I kind of look like one of Michael Jackson's know...the mask thing...oh never mind!


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