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2004-01-21 @ 10:42 p.m.
Geekdom is now mine

Oh frook! The only place on the East Coast where I was cool is now history. Crap.

I had always been pretty cool at my figure drawing class. I always wore my black turtleneck, black pants, black boots and a really cool Egyptian scarab necklace. The scarab necklace has such an interesting design that people (ahem) men have always had to lean in close to see what it was. Yeah, I got it in purpose. Ya know...the look at my neck(boobs)lace necklace.

But this doesn't have anything to do with that. I was just happy to get back to my class. Last week we were having an arctic blizzard e-v-e-n-t and I didn't go because I was scared to drive in the weather. But come to find out the class had been canceled anyways, and it had been posted on the website.

(Note to self: Look at website, so you don't crash your piece of shit car in a snowstorm). Ok, back to diary entry...

So it was nice getting back to the class. Because if you've noticed, I've been really bored this week. So much so I had to post photos of myself and make references to Austin Powers...That's bored!

So I was a little late tonight. Couldn't find the damn art utensils. There was lots of cursing involved, which we won't get into. I had also been in bed most of the day with a sore neck.

I had tried to get in to see Married Guy for a massage this morning, but he is so famous and well loved by those who need massages in our town, that me, his favorite client, was unable to get an appointment. Can you imagine?

I had actually asked my mom if she would give me a half hour of an hour massage gift certificate she had gotten for Christmas at another massage place. I had even called and made an appointment this morning, but then I thought, gee, if Married Guy ever found out I went to ANOTHER massage place in town, he would be pissed, so I canceled the appointment. How's that for loyalty?

This was actually Day Two of the Pain in the Neck thing. I have fibromaylgia, and sometimes it flares up for no particular reason, other than to piss me off. I had been gulping aspirins since yesterday.

I also have this Herb Pac thing, which is one of those herbal pillows you put in the microwave and heat and then put on sore muscles. I had lost mine in my last move, so I had recently borrowed my Mom's. Mine was nondenominational. You just heated it and it was hot. My mom's however smells like Denny's on Sunday morning. All I can think of is pancakes and greasy eggs when its resting on my neck.

Check, please.

So, what was I talking about? Oh, my class. So I went in. I had gotten funding for another five classes, so I got my book of tickets. Saw the Art Book Guy. The more I see him, the more I realize, he looks like singer James Taylor, except with hair.

We had our first repeat model since I've been going. It was a blonde who I had actually had some success drawing. She's very curvy with some really bodaciously perky breasts. Gee, I was starting to get turned on and I'm not even a lesbian.

It was also really hot in the room. I had taken a lot of pain medication right before I left. I didn't want to sit there in pain. I wanted to be free...and I a too-much-pain-medication-hot-room-nude-model-Art-Book-Guy-looking-at-me kind of way. But I wanted to go with the flow, which I did. So we did the gesture drawings. Then the 10 minute pose. Then the 30 minute pose. And then we had a break.

I actually talked a little during the break. Yay for me. There is some art event on February 12, which is my birthday, so I mentioned this very important fact to those gathered, and the guy who leads the class, who is rather delightful in a hippy dippy kind of way, said, wow, we'll have to have a birthday cake!

Yes! And presents too, I was thinking.

And then the model did another pose. And then I started packing up my stuff. Time to go.

I always have trouble folding up my art table. They're cumbersome and I'm always afraid I'm going to pinch my fingers in them. Art Book Guy immediately came to my rescue.

"Ok Witty, this is how you do it. Left leg is folded first. Then the right."

And, by gum. It actually folded. Imagine! And then some other young guy immediately swooped in and offered to carry it for me. Wow, I'm so popular. Stand in line guys. Maybe I'll let one of you carry my sketchbook to the car...

Unfortunately...well, here is the part where I looked like a geek. The class was still an hour away from ending. Guess I should have noticed that N0BODY ELSE WAS GETTING UP TO LEAVE.

I felt so fucking stupid. Do I leave now, so as not to look like a frooking ass? Art Book Guy had actually moved to sit next to me by then. I had done that at our last class. We keep doing that each week. Sitting next to each other for the last draw.

So I kind of started giggling like a ninth grader... gee, its only 9. I must be on drugs. ha ha. (I was actually). I know I was blushing like an idiot, especially since my art table and chair had already been expeditiously packed away.

Ha. ha. hee hee. What a dork. Maybe they'll find it endearing.

Yeah, maybe...witty...(dork)

So fortunately I found another art table nearby and pushed it next to the Art Book Guy (yes, its love...are you gay?) and unpacked all my art stuff again. And the Art Book Guy glanced over at me and smiled.

heh, heh, hi. Yup, still here.

So, I think my shrink would have been proud. Despite an embarrassing situation, I did give it the old college try. Can't ask for anymore than that, right?

No? Geekdom is still mine? OK, but you have to admit I'm still cute, right?

Yes, witty....delusional, but cute.

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