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2004-01-29 @ 10:50 p.m.
survey said...

Stolen from blackedout

01) Last dream: The Volvos in the River one.

02) Last car ride: Up to Married Guy's house for piano today.

03) Last kiss: When I kissed Married Guy right before his birthday in December. Twasn't earthshaking, but I guess that wasn't the question was it.

(04) Last good cry: This morning when my aunt brought me groceries.

05) Last missing library book: A photography book about gargoyles which I found under my bed when I moved.

(06) Last movie seen: "Big Fish"

(08) Last cuss word uttered: fuck.

(09) Last beverage drank: diet coke

(10) Last food consumed: a muffin

(11) Last crush: Married Guy...surprised, huh?

(12) Last phone call: to Married Guy to make sure they were home this afternoon.

(13) Last TV show watched: "The Apprentice"

(14) Last item bought: Non-fat milk

(15) Last time showered: 11:00 am this morning.

(16) Last shoes worn: snowboots

(17) Last CD played: Louis Armstrong "I Love Jazz"

(18) Last downloaded: I don't know how to do that.

(19) Last annoyance: snow up to my ass and snow crystals blowing in my eyeballs. Stop snowing!!

(20) Last disappointment: missing my shrink appointment

(21) Last soda drank: diet coke

(22) Last thing written: A check at the grocery store.

(23) Last key used: the front door key

(24) Last word spoken: "Are you a pretty kitty?" to my cat. Yes, I do have stimulating conversations, don't I?

(25) Last trip to the bathroom: I've never really tripped en route to the bathroom.....

(26) Last sleep: I fell asleep when I got home from Married Guy's tonight.

(27) Last instant message: Yesterday with my gay friend in Arizona.

(28) Last sexual fantasy: Married Guy exploring Tantric Massage with me as his willing participant. :-)

(29) Last orgasm: Last weekend. I'm good.

(30) Last weird encounter: Having a mentally ill guy ask me if I rode ponies.

(31) Last store shopped at: the grocery store

(32) Last ice cream eaten: Probably a chocolate dipped ice cream cone. I love those.

(33) Last time amused: When I accidently tried to leave my art class an hour early and felt like a geek. At least I can laugh at myself.

(34) Last time wanting to die: What time is it?

(35) Last time in love: When I saw Married Guy walking through the living room today.

(36) Last time hugged: My aunt hugged me this morning, after giving me the groceries.

(37) Last time scolded: When I called the power company and my landlord got mad.

(38) Last time resentful: Ongoing problem. I'm resentful all the time. I'm working on it in therapy though.

(39) Last chair sat in: The chair my arse fills whilst I'm writing this.

(40) Last lipstick used: dusty rose color. Don't know what brand it was.

(41) Last underwear worn: dark purple high cut ones.

(42) Last bra worn: sports bra...hey, I don't have a boyfriend, why spring for some lacy thing?

(43) Last shirt worn: My usual black artsy turtleneck one.

(44) Last class attended: my figure drawing class last Wednesday

(45) Last exam taken: the female kind? That was last March.

(46) Last time dancing: This morning when some 70's disco crap came on the radio. What's up with that?

(47) Last poster looked at: My beautiful Kandinsky poster which hangs over my piano. My shrink gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago. I love it.

(48) Last show attended: The musical Jeckyll and Hyde. Nothing better than bludgeoning people to death to music.

(49) Last web page visited: (a sexual information site)

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