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2004-02-24 @ 8:41 p.m.
the reason Schroeder flourishes

You are Schroeder!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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Why am I not surprised to be Schroeder? The quiet, artistic, musical one? I sometimes forget to mention that I play the piano. I've been playing since I was about 5 and I play almost every day.

I played throughout high school for all the various musical groups. I was the musical director for all the high school plays. And I later went on to do theatre after high school in college and in community theatre. I loved doing theatre, since I was a total Broadway geek. My favorite show was CABARET.

But I rather enjoyed taking the Your Favorite Peanut's Character quiz. I actually went to high school with Charles Schultz's (Peanut's creator) kids in Northern California. It was a small high school and his kids were just like any other kids. I was closest in age to his two daughters Amy and Jill. Amy was a little older and a little snobbish. But Jill was in my class and was very down to earth and funny. We'd hang out occasionally and she'd draw funny little cartoons in my yearbook. I got to meet her famous Dad quite a few times over the years. He owned an ice arena down in our town, and was a regular fixture in the coffee shop there.

He owned a light yellow BMW with the license plate Woodstock, if I remember correctly, but he was very shy in person. Kinda Charlie Brownish. Him and his second wife attended my high school graduation in 1976 to watch Jill graduate. I saw Jill a couple of years later and she was producing extreme sporting events on television. Who would have thought? Charlie Brown's sister and extreme sports?

Well, I finally heard from old Zeke about my car. It's not the fuel injectors like the first guy said. Not even close. It appears that some gas line hooking directly into my gas tank has rotted and is now leaking gas directly off my gas tank. We could see by looking from underneath when I had the car running. He started added up the expenses of the job and it's well over $300.

Choke. Way more than the car is worth, especially after last month's $282 job. I tried to control my tears, but I did cry after I came in the house. Not sure what to do. The car just isn't repairable.

And then I went to see my shrink this morning and I'm not sure what he put in his kibble, but he painted the blackest of all pictures. I mean I did spill my guts at how depressed I've been and how hopeless I feel. He doesn't like to hear that stuff. He wants me to get a job, otherwise he thinks I'll end up homeless.

I live near a factory. He suggested that I try to get a job there. I can't think of anything more disastrous. I am probably the least factory oriented person you could ever find. I'm an artist. I hate loud noise. I hate repetitive actions. I need sunlight and creativity. Other wise, its bonkersville...the first day.

And the factory near my house has been cited for health violations. My cousin used to live there. He was in management. The workers there have a high rate of lung cancer because of gritty airborne matter. Sorry. I'd rather be poor than have lung cancer. I'm funny that way.

I was totally depressed after I left his office. I had borrowed my mom's car. She was having a heart stress test. Kind of scrunched up my body for the worst when I went to pick her up, but she was actually in a decent mood. They didn't find any blockages in her arteries, so she won't be needing any catherizations (she's already had 7-8).

So I took her home and re-borrowed her car to go up to Married Guy's house for kidlet's piano lesson. I needed at least one good thing to happen today. I was very distraught going up there though. I kept taking deep breathes going there, trying to pull myself together. Felt that I had to be good for the kids.

It was definitely mind over matter when I got there though. Married Guy's dog always cheers me up. He was chewing on a stick in the front yard. And then the kids plied me with Girl Scout cookies when I got to the house. Chocolate mint cookies are always good when you feel like driving off a bridge.

Kidlet was good today though. He's working on that James Bond Theme (the music from "Dr. No"). It's so funny. Kept thinking of "A". But he did a pretty good job today. He's still learning it.

Married Guy did come home right when I finished. It was good seeing him. He was in a very good mood. We talked about what I should be doing about my car. And then he gave me a spirited pep talk about submitting my art work for the art show on Wednesday. He said he's going to kidnap me on Wednesday, so that I won't have any choice. I told him that him and "A" must be in cahoots to make my life miserable. If only he knew "A's" main goal in my therapy is to kick Married Guy out of my life permanently.

But right now, Married Guy, is being an exceptionally positive force in my life. I'm just happily germinating under his gentle care.

I've lived in hard, rocky, clay soil for so long, that when somebody feeds and waters me, and plays Mozart, I'm destined to flourish.

Why wouldn't I?

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