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2004-02-25 @ 11:43 p.m.
delusional girls are cute

Oh Lordy, my poor little art brain has been getting a total Richard Simmons Workout today. ART...ART....ART!!!!! It's almost as if I'm working an artist for a living today. Can you imagine??

I had art this afternoon with the crazy crazies. A girl from my Survivor's group had called me Monday and said she would come and pick me up for that, since my car is still making like a Molotov Cocktail, so I said OK. She was 20 minutes late, and I was totally snarling inside, since I'm never late, but hey...its a FREE ride pipe the fuck down.

But instead of going in, scratching my head about what to do, I went in with all my guns blazing.

And it all started with my favorite postcard of Billie Holiday. I love good old Billie. I love her music. I love her singing. I love the way she looks. And I have this great postcard which I have up on my refrigerator, so I took that with me. And I also took the sheet music from "Good Morning Heartache".

I decided to pass up the pastels today and jump headlong into acrylic paints. I know practically nothing about acrylics. I had done a little work with acrylics and poster paints with the crazy art chicks back in December, but that mostly had to do with slopping vast quantities of paint onto butcher paper.

Today's work was far more genteel.

A couple of the nut nut girls warned me I had to gesso the canvas first and wait til next week until it dried, but me wait? Bipolar girl wait? Ha I say! So I Xeroxed the Billie Holiday postcard and sheet music, and pasted dear Billie down in the corner and pretty much worked up from there. I drew a wild ribbon of piano keys flying out of her microphone and then some art deco style buildings in the background and some random musical notes. I then pasted some of the song lyrics within the image. And I used very bold colors. Mostly blues, reds, purples, and some yellow. It turned out really cool.

My friend who had brought me was practically foaming at the mouth. "If you ever decide to sell that, I want it. It is so beautiful".

Geeze, my head swelled so big I nearly couldn't get out of the room. She said she could see the creativity literally FLOWING out of me. Yeah, I guess I had that mad genius, cut-off-my ear vibe going. Afterwards, I took it out for the other crazy crazies to look at. They were all duly impressed through their various levels of lithium. One guy said he had even seen stuff like that hanging in New York City. MOMA? Or some gay bar in the Village. Probably the latter.

And then tonight, I had my nude figure drawing class and it was Mardi Gras Night. Yee Haw!! Nude Girls with Feathered Masks!! Well, only one. And she was a regular. Our lovely hippy host brought in some Gen-U-ine New Orleans food, in the form of Dirty Rice. And for the posing, we listened to New Orleans Jazz the entire night, which was fine with me. A little Pete Fountain and Preservation Hall Jazz Band will go a long way for this witty kitty.

Half way through the evening, when we snack and supposedly talk (Well, I try "A"), our fearless leader got us together, and let us dig through a big trunk of masks he had brought in. There were clown masks (eek), Cinderella masks, Richard Nixon masks, Casper the Ghost masks, Groucho Marx masks and a couple of sequined masks that you could strap on. He wanted to get a group photograph of all the artists and the model in our maskly attire for the monthly newsletter and website. So we all dug through the goodies. I definitely knew I had to have the sequined mask. I think I was the only one who took one. I also took two other brightly colored masks and held them next to my face during the know, sort of like the Three Faces of Eve. But it was fun. I really enjoyed the evening.

Art Book Guy hasn't been there for several weeks. But this other guy has been smiling and saying hi to me for for several weeks now. He has either a British accent or an Australian accent. I haven't really heard him enough to know which it is. But tonight once, we nearly collided. And then when I left, who was right behind me on the stairs? Simon. So we did some small talk about the weather, and how it was going to warm up this weekend. He said, yes, its supposed to get up to 50! And I said, yeah, bikini weather! He laughed. And then he said good bye and I watched him walk and get into a VOLVO!

SCORE!! See, I was nice to him even before I knew he had a Volvo, so now you can't accuse me of being a nice-car slut, can you?

So I got into my car, and said a Hail Mary, you know, since my gas tank is leaking.

Side note: I have barely been using my car since I got the earth shaking news that raw gas is just spewing out of the tank, especially since I'm afraid I might blow up if I turn on the key. I may want to die sometimes, but I'm truly not ready to join Elvis and Roy Orbison quite yet....but now back to our regularly scheduled diary entry....

So I was thinking, boy, there's a guy who really thinks I'm funny, so wouldn't it be embarrassing if I blew up right now?? (grin)

But I didn't as you can see. And Simon and his Volvo, headed home towards either his wife or his male lover. (well, you know my luck).

So, I did want to mention, one other thing. I submitted two pieces of art for that art show that will open on February 29 and run through March 5.


First the little college art gallery....TOMORROW SOHO, Baby!!!!!!

uh oh....warning, warning Will Robinson....delusional event, delusional event...whoop, whoop!!....Dearest, I think its time to take your pill again.

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