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2004-03-10 @ 3:55 p.m.
the snowdrops are coming, the snowdrops are coming

Here is your horoscope for Wednesday, March 10: Everyone makes mistakes. Forgive yourself with the same evenhanded treatment that you save for loved ones. A heavy load of guilt just increases the challenge of transcending your errors and trying again.

Why didn't they tell me this 46 years ago? Arghhh!

So Spring is trying really damn hard to lay claim to this part of this country, but we're stubborn. The earth is nothing more than a giant mud pit from 36 inches of snow melting into it. The grass which has been crushed underneath since mid December is still rather grayish green and looking rather sickly.

BUT!!! We are seeing the first harbingers of Spring...the rather ironically named Snowdrops....tiny green white flowers with thick green leaves which are pushing their way through the thick mud and defying the still frequent light snow that fall in March. And I couldn't be happier.

Today was actually the first time I noticed them. I walked 3 1/2 miles to my art class and had to pass through a rather fancy neighborhood with big fancy houses. And those people were smart enough to plant these little beauties.

Ever notice how fancy neighborhoods have fancy names? Like Berkshire Drive? Rugby Plaza? Winding Wood Place? Or the ever popular I Drive a Volvo and I have a Personal Trainer Named Lars and He Wipes My Ass with Satin Toilet Paper and Makes Me Latte Drive?

But for some reason I always seem to end up in Polyester Trailer Court Drive, or Medicaid Sucks Avenue or You Can Buy Your Cocaine at the Last House on the the Left Street. Why is that?

Yeah, I bet you thought I was going to go all soft talking about snowdrops, huh?

I've actually had an OK day so far. I walked downtown. Had lunch at Subway. I like to treat myself once in a while. But it must have been People Talk Funny Day.

I had ordered a tuna with onions sub at the counter, and the guy behind me said something I didn't quite hear, and than leaned towards the "sandwich artist" with the veins starting to pop out of his neck slightly...

"I wan' we'jatables, I wan' we'jatables..."


And Ja 'la peeen'YOOOOOssss!!"

I thought I was in front of Ricardo Montaban. I did manage to keep my composure, as I paid for my TOOOOOOO-na sHan weeech.

I then headed towards the self serve soda dispenser and had to wait behind a heavy set guy who was just standing staring at all the spigots. Lemonade. Sprite. Diet Coke. Regular Coke. Yes, I know, so many choices, so little time.

Suddenly he was aware that I was I waiting for him. And suddenly stepped back and girlishly threw his hands on his hips and said, "I just can't de-thide!"

Richard Simmons party of two...

Finally got to the crazy crazy place for art. I had brought an old Arts and Antique magazine from the 1970's for inspiration. I had been thumbing through it last night. I had snagged it from my dead aunt's house a while back. It featured the work of Degas and his beautiful sketches of ballet dancers. It appealed both to my love of theatre and to the human body. It also had a photo essay on the Bronze Age which featured nude bodies with bronze artifacts tucked into various crevices, which was interesting too.

But what I ended up using was a piece of jewelry in an ad. It was a dragonfly studded with diamonds. I didn't draw the diamonds of course, but I used the dragonfly imagery and then drew chrysanthemums and swirls (and image culled from the Bronze Age essay) around the edges.

I wasn't that happy with how it turned out (I drew the picture with various colored pencils), so I took pastels and smudged the corresponding colors over whatever color the pencils were. That looked a lot nicer. At was very peaceful and calming and spring-like! And my hands looked like 12,000 M&M's had just melted on them. I had all different colors on them.

Then my lesbian friend, the one I blew off this last week and I felt guilty about, came in. I had been feeling really badly about it. Fortunately she wasn't angry about anything (I had built it up to a huge thing in my head...but she probably wasn't even aware, that it WAS a big thing. Remember Witty, forgiveness. She ended up taking me home.

So, all in all, its been a good day, so far. I still have my nude figure drawing class tonight and I have a cab coming at 6:30, so I better get a quick dinner going...maybe some we'jatables topped with Ja 'la peeen'YOOOOOssss. :-)

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