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2004-03-31 @ 5:19 p.m.
when is the next train to Sedona?

Two of my favorite people have birthdays coming up in the next month. "A"'s is on Income Tax Day, that cute little tax deduction, and my best gay friend down in Manhattan, "G" is on May 10th, the same day as Fred Astaire, as he likes to point out.

So I decided to go birthday gift shopping today. Its the end of the month and I literally have no money. It was only sheer luck that I had filled up my Subway Sandwich card and was due a free sandwich, having to only have enough left over to pay for a diet coke. I tried to also spring for a 39 cent Macadamia Nut cookie, but only had 33 cents left in my change purse.

After lunch, I walked down to my favorite used book store. They have a computer up in front of the store that supposedly tells you exactly where every single book in the store is, but that place looks like Andre the Giant took the entire store and tossed it upside down a few dozen times, and then kicked everything around for 10 minutes after that. Its a total mess inside. But I love it. Piles and piles of books everywhere. Kinda like my house.

But my favorite place is this area down in the basement. It is called The 93 Cents of Less Room, and it looks like a freakin' catacomb or possibly Mrs. Munson's root cellar in "The Ladykillers" which I saw yesterday. Its dank, dark, musty. The walls look like they are scraped out of the earth. And there are books of every shape, subject and denomination down there. And they are all 93 cents OR LESS!! And there is some great stuff! And a lot of shit! But some really great stuff!

Old textbooks. Computer manuals. Danielle Steele books. How to knit your own scarf in three easy lessons. The Sex Guide to Movies Circa 1966. Old pulp fiction books with guys ripping girls tops off with their teeth. Comic books. Movie posters. Old records. Today I found a Tori Amos CD.

And that was where I found something for "A". Its not that I don't love my dear shrink and want to spend a lot of money on him, but I know what I found for him will certainly delight him.

He really likes old cars. And I found some old car magazines from 1955 and they are really really cool looking. They're missing their covers, but inside are mint condition, and I'm sure he will delight at looking at all the old vintage pictures and advertisements inside. And it is the thought that counts after all.

And for my gay friend down in Manhattan. Well, this is a big birthday this year. The big 4-0. I actually had to step outside of the 93 cent room for him. He is really into cultural history, so after much searching I finally located the Life Magazine that was put out ten days before he was born in 1964. It is in beautiful condition, and the reason it is so special...I mean besides the fact that it came out the same month as he did, is because it is commemorating the opening of the World's Fair in New York City! Which is where he lives! Yay! And the importance of that will certainly not be lost on him.

I actually went to the World's Fair in 1964. I was only 6 years old, and it was quite a big deal, going to New York City and all. I had never been to a big city before and it was all very exciting and stimulating for a little country bumpkin like me.

What do I remember about New York City and the World's Fair? I remember Times Square, circa 1964....not quite the electrical extravaganza it is today. I certainly remember riding on the subway. I remember Tomorrowland at the World's Fair. But what do I remember the most? And why would a punky little 6 year old remember this, when there were rides and cotton candy and fun things going on all over the place at the World's Fair?

Not really sure, but I remember seeing the Michaelangelo sculpture La Pieta. It was a beautiful white sculpture of the Virgin Mary holding the slumped body of Jesus. It was displayed behind a piece of glass and it was bathed in this kind of beautiful ethereal blue light, and I was just astounded by its beauty. It still gives me chills just thinking about it.

So I think my friend will really like the magazine and "A" will get a kick out of the old car thing as well. He very kindly responded to my frantic e-mail last night. He wants me to bring in my Caller ID box with Zenshrink's phone number on it next week and he wants to call him and confront him on the phone. Unfortunately once you unplug the caller ID box, all the numbers disappear, so that won't be happening. But it was nice that "A" wanted to come to my rescue. I like feeling protected.

Also got a nice e-mail from Married Guy. SnerkwitZ!!! He asked gee what happened this last week that made you so upset...I'd love to hear about it, since I'm one of those Sensitive Guys of the New Age. Love, M.G.

Haruuumpppphhh! We'll see.

Went to art class with the crazy crazies today. It's actually becoming more of Witty Kitty's Private Studio Time Downtown. The crazy crazies are showing up less and less. So yay! More time and space for me!

Today I took a page from the artwork of Frida Kahlo. She is a real favorite of mine and I truly wish I knew how to work my damn digital camera, so I could share what I did today.


Ok, just took a technical break. I scanned a small part of her face on my scanner, so at least you get to see a small part of my version of Ms. Frida. I did pluck her eyebrows, if you know anything about Frida Kahlo, and her famous unibrow. Didn't want to frighten any small children and heart patients. So here she is...


Just wanted to thank my dear Zaziel for his wonderful suggestion about running off to Sedona and becoming a regionally known artist and painting sun-drenched nude men. I thought that was probably the most useful suggestion I have received in 2004. Ya wanna be my agent. Zaz baby?

Anyways, its back to reality for now. I yet again, had the moves put on me today at the crazy crazy place by a guy named Patrick. Not sure what is in everyone's puppy chow this week, but when I was about to leave he did the "Haven't I seen you here before" thing. And then he went into the "I'm an artist too, remember what I drew last week?"

(Yeah, a really scary face of a woman who looked like she was about to killed by a serial killer).

And then as he was talking and I looked like I was about to run up over the couch to get away from him, he quickly told me how much art meant to him in high school even though he never took any art classes and was kicked out of school, and his father died and his mother was put in a mental institution.

Well, all righty then....

That's just the kind of small talk that really turns me on. And then add in that boyish little half grin that probably really turns on the hanger-on chicks at last call down at the Tiki Bar and Grill.

Yet through it all I could think was...

When IS that next train to Sedona?

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