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2004-04-06 @ 8:19 p.m.
dragging out the Hallelujah Chorus for the first time in 2004

Cue Music: "Hallelujah Chorus"

Hal-la-lujah, halla-lu YAH, halllla luuu YYYYYAH!

Fucking A!!!!!!

Wide Shot: Witty Kitty doing the happy dance.

Close up: Witty kitty doing an incredibly complex tap dance number with red ruby tap dance shoes.

Cut to another close up: Wittykitty, actually grinning madly, like a truly happy person.

What'da fuck? Is this a comedy? A satire? A documentary on what happens when it finally gets to be too much for one person to take?

Nope...its what happens when I finally sell the Piece of Crap Car for $450 cash and it will be hauled out of my driveway tomorrow by the father of a very excited teenaged boy, who was more interested that the radio worked than that the car worked, when they came and bought the car tonight.


The piece of crap car will probably be removed from the premises in less than 12 hours.

I had just gotten the latest slew of calls today. All these frooking people saying the usual damn thing...gee, can I come see the car sometime in the near future, like sometime in 2004 or 2005?

And I had finally started getting tough, like trying to pin it down to a certain say, April of 2004. Like can you come in April? Like around the 15th between midnight and 6 p.m. Them: Ahhh, can I call you back on that? What's your address so I can come by when you're not home and rip off your apartment and steal your piece of crap car since I know there is no car insurance on it?

Sure. I'm going to my shrink appointment at noon, and I will be gone exactly one hour and 12 minutes. That should give you just the perfect window of opportunity to sneak up, pop out a screen and steal the only thing I have of value. My 6 year old computer with Windows 98. Wahoo!

You could steal my art too, but I'm not famous yet, so I really don't know how much you could sell it for down on the corner of F Street. Maybe 50 cents.

Oh, and just before my car buyer had come by, I had finally had it out with my mother about her applying pressure on me by buying a car before I sold mine. And she still didn't get it. I got the old "you're just not appreciative for all that I do for you" speech once again.

But at least I got it out in the open. I was really just maxed out from stress by this point, and the fact that my shrink canceled my appointment, I just felt like I had nothing to lose.

Did I call my shrink to reschedule? Nope. I was fielding a bunch of calls, and crying big time over Married Guy. I was supposed to go to his house today for kidlet's lesson, but I have such ambivalent and somewhat angry feelings right at the moment, that I waited until the last possible moment and then called him house.

Talked to kidlet who said kind of a strange thing. He said not to come over until I talked to his Dad. That little phrase totally knotted up my stomach. So I called him on his cell phone and got an "all lines are busy on this circuit thing and to call back later" message which I immediately thought was directed at me personally.

Nutball...its true. But my latest insanity, is the scenario that my shrink has somehow tipped off Married Guy about my diary and that he read the entire thing (thus the huge jump in my stats over the weekend), and that he is about to end our friendship, and/or "A" is setting up some kind of big pow wow between us, and I'm about to be blindsided. Either way, it is way in lets take lots of clonopin, sit on the couch, sob uncontrollably and pet the cat while taking calls about the car.

See how much fun it is being a drama queen? Loads! Even if nothing is happening we like to create all these incredible scenarios that are very likely to scare the be-Jesus out of ourselves, just so we'll have something to do. Whee!

Yay for mental illness!

I had seen "A" earlier in the day for our group, and had felt pretty good. Although I did manage to say something somewhat inappropriate to the cute guy in the group out in the waiting room. Not sure what I was thinking, but I had launched this really ripe double entendre in his direction, and then suddenly felt like an inappropriate geek, for saying something like that.

I guess I'm just the queen of inappropriate boundary violations these days. And also afterwards I felt really embarrassed during group. The guy may not have even noticed, but I sure felt geeky.

And I was also crushed when "A" canceled my appointment, because canceled appointments that are to be rescheduled are usually just canceled. And "A" is going on vacation next week, and I am a basket case right now, even with the ever-so-delightful news about the car.

I also had a birthday card and a couple of gifts for him. Besides the vintage car magazines, I also drew a picture of him last night. It turned out ok. I'm still not exactly a realistic artist. Its more like a cartoon image. I mean, its not like Daffy Duck or anything, but for some reason, "A" sort of looks like the Dad in the "The Chipmunks" cartoon. And he certainly doesn't look like that in real life. Oy! I may not even give it to him. It looks stupid. Of course, I may not even see him, so the point may be moot.

But hey...THE CAR IS SOLD! YIPPIE SKIPPIE! Let's just hope it stays sold, and I never see it again (like broken down a block from here when the people come and get it).

And for that, I am very thankful!

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