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2004-04-12 @ 2:36 p.m.
the everchanging canvas

Gather around folks, because we are just about ready to watch the "How Many African Violet Plants Has Wittykitty Managed to Kill in a Single Lifetime" toteboard flip to a new total.


Man, I just can't seem to keep those suckers alive no matter how much TLC I lavish on them. I've also been trying to nurse back a beautiful Bonsai tree my Manhattan friend sent me last Spring. It was so pretty and elegant looking.

And than it started losing its leaves. Just a few at first. So I started watering it, and then not watering it. And then fertilizing it. And not fertilizing it. And then it just lost all its leaves, and I hoped that it was just because it was winter and it was deciduous. But now I'm not sure so sure.

So once the weather gets just slightly better I plan to put it out on the patio and see if it resprouts.

Please Bonsai gods, please let it resprout. But in the meantime, the African Violet, which sits on my dresser all withered up and crispy, will soon be meeting its Maker out in the front yard. Bye Violet.

So even though, emotionally my week has been sucking big time (I am really starting to miss Married Guy), financially it has been mega-groovy. I sold my car of course last Tuesday. And then, over the weekend, I scored $76 on E-Bay for a mere two items!

I realize for most of you $76 is like latte money or bridge fare for a week, but for me, its like winning the freakin' lottery. Once I pay the rent I live on just a little over $200 a month. That's why I'm stressed out most of the time.

I feel a little sad about one of the items I sold. It was a little art book by a favorite artist who is very cultish on E-Bay. I originally bought it for $4.95 in Berkeley back in the 1980's. It was a three dimensional book which you pulled apart and all the characters inside appear to be standing at varying distances from each other. It was very cool and I've always cherished it, but I cherish survival even more, so onto E-Bay it went. And then I also sold a book of piano music. No biggie. Its not a book I've ever even opened. I'd much rather play Gershwin than Good Golly Miss Molly anyways.

I've also sold many, many postcards on E-Bay. They're cheap to buy and sometimes you can get a decent penny for them. But unfortunately, I am also a total postcard-holic, and my refrigerator is the main postcard reciprocal.

Anybody else have postcards on their refrigerator? My refrigerator is actually a huge metallic canvas of postcard and magnet art. The entire thing is covered from top to bottom with every imaginable kind of postcard.

My Dad used to travel when I was a child and I used to benefit with hundreds of postcards. Now he was not exactly a prolific author like moi. In fact, a lengthy message might entail something to the effect of: "Dear Witty: Hi from Africa. Love, Dad". But mostly they just said, "Love, Dad."

I still have most of them, and some of them are even up on the fridge. My fridge stuff is generally divided into three categories. Cats, Broadway, and postcards from my Dad. And the postcards from my Dad have subcategories, namely that they are from Ireland and San Francisco. Its true I only lived about 10 miles from San Francisco growing up, but I still liked getting postcards from The City since its one of the most beautiful city in the world, in my humble opinion.

Of course there are a few stray categories for my postcards, like the Edward Gorey category and the humor category.

My favorite one from humor category includes a postcard that says: "I went to see a psychiatrist. He said, "Tell me everything." I did, and now he's doing my act.

heh, heh, kinda sounds like a Woody Allen line, doesn't it?

And I also have a "Life in Hell" cartoon pinned up which is really hilarious, about someone saying they love you, they adore you, etc., etc., up until they ask you to change the cat box and then kaaa-thunk. End of relationship. ha. ha.

And then my favorite magnet is one that I picked up down in Virginia when I was visiting my Dad. It says, "Friends welcome anytime.... Relatives by appointment only".

So my refrigerator is my favorite canvas. Its big and its ever-changing, and here is a picture of just a few things you're likely to see (note the postcard of The Last Supper down under the "Girls on the Loose" magnet), if you reach in for a jar of pickles...

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