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2004-04-19 @ 7:48 p.m.
Quack. Quack Quack.

Gee, I'm just deciding whether to start an entry or not. A line of thunderstorms is supposed to pummel our ass sometime in the next hour and it usually takes me at least an hour to polish off one of these gems. (ya didn't know that did ya? I think I deserve a raise. Definitely.)

So, let's see, what was the high point of my day? Taking the cable off my TV (that cheap Radio Shack antenna thingie) and transferring it over to my VCR so I could watch a Pee Wee Herman video I picked up at a garage sale this weekend.

See...the excitement builds. This of course was preceded by a nap on my 1970's couch with a cat breathing cat boogers into my right arm pit. That cat pretty much has me in her cross hairs all day, because the minute I get into any kind of a reclining position, she immediately thinks I'm a giant heated Cat Bed with built-in arm rests.

I do enjoy cuddling with her though, since I don't have anyone bigger and less furry.

So I got the VCR hooked up. Was all excited about seeing my old buddy, Pee Wee Herman. I used to absolutely love Pee Wee in the 1980's. It never mattered how utterly depressed I was, I could turn on the TV Saturday morning and watch this full grown man in an ill fitting suit and rouge pointing at Cowboy Bob and gleefully saying, "I know you are, but what am I?" and just collapse on the floor laughing. I also used to love when he'd put on those 2 foot high Frankenstein boots and dance to "Tequila". It just really appealed to my sense of weird. He just seemed to be having the fun childhood I never had.

So I hit the Play button and a very squiggly picture came on. Played with the tracking for about 10 minutes, but could never fix it. The tape was bad. Curses!

And the garage sale where I got it, well, that was kind of a funny story. I was just on my way home from working at the respite on Saturday. Was really tired and my clothes were all scuffed up with paint, but I can never resist a garage sale, especially when its on the way home.

And this one was behind a nice house in a very nice neighborhood. There were two little kids there. One was in a stroller and another one was about 4. And the two boys were quacking to each other.

Quack. Quack Quack. Quackquckquackquack. Quack!! Quaaaaack!

The father of the two asked if I was looking for anything in particular.

And whenever anyone asks me that, I always have to refrain myself from saying, 'YEAH, A HAPPY LIFE!!"

But I said, no, and kept poking around.

Then I saw the Pee Wee Herman tape. Yay, Pee Wee! And only $1. Even better! But I'll come back to it.

Then I was vaguely aware that a woman had come out of the house and she asked me the same question. No, just looking, I said without looking up. And then suddenly I realized, that voice sounds really familiar.

And son-of-a-gun, if it wasn't a woman I had worked with for about 5 years at my last job at the Catholic newspaper. I had always liked her. She had been a reporter, and had always been very quiet and studious. We weren't exactly palsie walsies. I was an artist, and she was a writer, but we had always been pleasant to each other.

The main thing I remembered about Amy was that she used to be obsessive about her hair. She was not exactly a glamour puss, but she was really fussy about her hair and I'd always catch her in the bathroom with a hairbrush and hairspray all the time.

First thing she commented on, was how long my hair was (ya damn hippy). And then we caught up on all the people we used to work with. I was sort of surprised at how she didn't sugarcoat the people she didn't like, like calling one guy, Mr. Impressed with Himself and his Place in the Universe. I didn't even realize that she didn't like him when we worked together.

She is now a full time mom doing free lance writing and actually works with a publication that Married Guy freelances with and knows him. Told her that we were friends and she seemed surprised. I may be surprised too, if I don't hear from him soon.

She also has one of those rare success stories of meeting your future husband on the internet. She was about ready to give up on dating when she was still working at the newspaper. And the poor girl was only about 25 or 27. Can you imagine?

And then just on a lark she answered ONE ad, met a guy here in town, they went on one date on New Years Eve, knew they were in love and got married less than a year later. They now have two sons, two cats and a beautiful home. Also her husband is very successful financially, so the freelance thing, is just to keep Amy busy if she wants.

Sigh. Guess that stuff does happen occasionally. To nice people. The happily ever after stuff.

But no Pee Wee Herman tape. Wah! Pee Wee, my sweet, we'll meet again, just not today.

Boy, that storm is really raging outside now. No lightening yet, but strong winds and flooding type rains are beating on the side of the house. Who knows? Maybe someone new will just float by my front yard. I just hope I see them in time.

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