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2004-04-25 @ 1:45 p.m.
meeting mr. bigglesworth

Sunday roughly translated in our house means lay in your bed with the cat until 1 p.m. and ruminate about the current condition of your life.

Which may not always be such a great idea in hindsight.

But today it was not such a bad idea considering the condition of my living room. It seems that miss kitty (my cat, not me) had had a severe bout of projectile vomiting sometime during the night, and there was a swathe of cat vomit across the entire living room, including the entrance to the bathroom. I'm just happy I didn't stumble through it in the dark.

So with that knowledge, I was just happy to lay in bed and think about things and nap intermittently.

Yesterday had not been bad. I had gone to two yard sales. The first one was a bust, but then I headed across town to a second one because it said it had arts and craft supplies. I'm always hoping to scoop up some sketch pads or brushes or frames.

When I got there, there was quite a bit of stuff laid out. Two women were sitting in lawn chairs and one of the women had a cat on her shoulder with a leash attached. It was one of those kitties like in "Austin Powers"...kinda wrinkly with no fur, and big humongous ears and buggy eyes.

Of course I had to immediately meet Mr. Bigglesworth, since I had never seen one of those cats in person before.

The cat's name? Ripkin. Cat Ripkin. The woman did feel the need to explain the baseball player reference and even though I don't watch baseball, I somehow knew Cat Ripkin was probably named after Cal Ripkin, the baseball player. Ha, ha, got it.

So I looked around. Found a little hand carved soapstone bunny for 10 cents. Picked up a brand new turquoise designer pullover shirt for 50 cents. I don't usually wear bright colors, but I really need to turn over a new leaf. And this shirt will definitely show off my boobs.

Then there was a pile of stuff that was marked FREE. Those are always words wittykitty likes to hear, especially at the end of the month. There were lots of books. Picked up a cool high school text book from 1961 called Vanguard. It had some great artwork in it. Stuff I might possibly be able to use for collages. It looked very avant garde for a high school book.

And then there was a bunch of stuff resting on a 1950s chrome kitchen chair. It had this bright orange and blue abstract arty cushion on it. The chair had some white paint on it, and a little rust, but it was pretty cool looking. I asked the woman if the chair was part of the FREE stuff and she said yes.

SCORE! In San Francisco this puppy would sell for probably $45 paint or not, so I said I would take it.

I started to take some of the boxes and books off it, and then she came over to help. Suddenly I felt this little soft kA-thunk on my shoulder and there was Cat Ripkin, the furless kitty on my shoulder. Well, hello there! He had jumped from her shoulder to my shoulder and was sniffing my hair.

The lady got all fluttery like I was going to sue her because her cat jumped on my shoulder. I thought it was cute. I scratched the cat's head. It felt like velvet. She quickly took the cat back.

Damn, I was hoping it came with the 50's chrome chair. Bigglesworth and chrome. Its all the rage, you know.

Dragged all the stuff out to the car. Total cost of the loot which included the chair, a book, a hand carved rabbit, and a designer shirt. 60 cents.

Damn, I love garage sales like that! That's what garage sales are all about!

Afterwards I went over to the child advocacy place. Saturday was the day they were hanging the Clothesline Project, which are the shirts created by survivors of sexual abuse. Had never been to the place, but it was a nicely renovated older building.

When I had seen my shirt hung last Saturday at the women's center, there had been maybe about 20 shirts, but at this place, there were probably about 120 shirts hung throughout the lower floor of this relatively large building. It was fairly breathtaking considering that each shirt created was by someone who had been sexually abused.

There were a few people milling around. Saw the person I knew from the other place. Found my shirt hanging, but felt really awkward being there. No one talked to me, so after taking a couple pictures of my shirt, which was hanging in the entrance, I went to go out the front door and there was a news crew outside filming.

For some reason, I also found that really awkward...coming out of a house with shirts of sexual abuse survivors hanging, so I went back in and asked if there was a back entrance. Somebody led me to a side entrance. And although I could still see the film crew, I was able to slip out to my car and drive out the back.

Not sure why that affected me so much. Shame? Maybe. Hmmm.

So I came home afterwards, cleaned up my cool chrome chair and worked on some art. In my figure drawing class we do a lot of quick sketches that are basically left unfinished, so I like to work on them when I have free time at home (like always), and that gets my mind off other things.

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