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2004-05-08 @ 9:02 p.m.
reality is for people without imagination

Well, I just finally christened my new car. No, I didn't pee on it. I ate junk food in it, and scattered what will probably be the first of at least 2.7 trillion cheap chocolate cupcake crumbs before year's end.

Go, witty!

I was actually a good girl tonight on my junk food consumption. I bypassed the 50 cent chocolate cupcakes with fake white creme stuff and headed straight for the pumpkin BRAN muffin with a dab of pseudo yellow pumpkin creme of top. I just wanted to add a little fiber to my diet, at the same time as I was adding mass to my ass.

Again, go witty!

I really only felt the need for sugar because I had just come from my mother's house. I was only there for about ten minutes, but it was enough time to crush whatever good tidings I had for myself today.

I had been feeling under the weather most of the day. I'm in a lot of pain from my fibromaylgia and doing the feeling sorry for myself thing. I've also been extremely tired the last few days. I only went to my mother's house because I'm getting some new brakes installed on my car tomorrow morning (a guy is coming to my house to do it), and she had bought them for me as part of my car deal.

Of course, whenever you go to my mom's house, its always show and tell time.

Oh look at the card my friend sent me, oh look at what I got at the senior gift shop, oh look at the lengthy scar where they sawed my chestbone in half to perform open heart surgery.

Ok, mom.

She had a Lifetime movie cranked up on television. Usually I would be happy to see real TV since I don't have cable, but a Lifetime Movie, with some 1970's actresses now in her 50's, all tightly shrink wrapped by some Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and Scott Baio as her boyfriend?

Yikes, I had to look away. I definitely knew there was a Hostess cupcake in my future.

And then I had to watch the cat roll over. My mom has trained her cat to roll over.

"Roll over....roll over..come on kitty, roll over...roll over...roll over...come on."

Ok, so we're three minutes into our mom visit.

"roll over...roll over kitty, come on, roll over."

Oh, for a moment I thought she was talking to me.

So I mentioned I wasn't feeling well.

"Roll over kitty, come on, roll over..."

I mentioned it again. Told her I was in a lot of pain and had slept most of the afternoon.

Response? She gets up and brings me a plaque with her name on it. Best bird whistle player. Gee look what they gave me the other night. I'm the best bird whistle player. It was really funny.

Me: Is my mic on? Can anybody except bats flying over the apartment building at 1200 feet even hear me?

And now the cat, who is laying between us, is suddenly rolling back and forth like its having a seizure or something and my mother is getting all excited gleefully saying ...

"See, the cat is rolling over...SEE!!!!"

Oy, I need a cookie.

She never did acknowledge the fact that I was in pain and not feeling well. Well, good, I think its time to go shopping for your Mother's Day present, Mom, don't you?

I did seek some help for my pain today though. Had my massage with Married Guy. And of course, any day when Married Guy's hand is in close proximity to my naked ass, is always a good day. At least for me.

It was pretty uneventful though. We talked about running again (he's going to run 22 miles this weekend) and how you get into a zone, so that you don't lose momentum or get bored. I do a lot of walking in the summer, and tend to get really bored if its more than about 2 miles. Of course, my first walk of the summer yesterday, produced most of today's pain, so I guess I will have to do a little more easing into it if I can.

Afterwards I went down to my favorite hippy shop in search of a bumpersticker for a car. Why? Because I am having the hardest time finding the damn thing in the parking lot. I keep losing it.

My last car was maroon and had a "Create Peace" bumpersticker with Picasso artwork on it. But this car is white and looks like an Avis Rent-a-Car. It just blends into the parking lot under its cloak of blandibility. Guess I could follow the trail of chocolate cupcake crumbs.

But I still can't decide on a bumpersticker. There were so many good ones. I would like to get a PEACE related one. Unfortunately right before I had gone to my massage I had flicked on the television briefly and had been visually assaulted by those horrific pictures of Iraqi prisoners at the Senate hearings and it made me totally sick and depressed.

I figure if those are the pictures we're seeing, where are the ones we aren't?

But I think the bumpersticker I'm leaning towards is the one that says, "Reality is for people without imagination".

To me, news broadcasts aside, that really says it all.

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