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2004-05-14 @ 7:33 p.m.
I'll see your two mullets and raise ya a Frida

I don't know if the planets were lined up in some unusual configuration, or some local bar's air conditioning broke and the patrons were forced out into the heat or Walmart closed early but as I stumbled into Big Lots to buy cat litter today, I looked up and saw not ONE, but TWO people with mullet haircuts! And one of them was a woman.


I didn't even know they still existed outside of a Joel Coen movie. But I saw them simultaneously. AND THEY WEREN'T EVEN TOGETHER. meh.

...Let's hope they don't breed.

I think I've finally recovered from Keanu last night. I did dash off an e-mail to "A" though. Had to share the excitement. I used to write him a lot when I first started seeing. But fortunately got that addiction under control. (Hey! I like to write). Fortunately I was able to make an appointment for next week. He had cancelled my Tuesday appointment, but I am definitely in need of some supervision right now. Thanks "A".

Got two checks this morning from my case manager for my upcoming art classes. One for the figure drawing class I do every Wednesday, and then one will be for an actual instructional series I will be starting Sunday afternoon. The guy who facilitates Wednesday, who is actual art teacher in real life, will be teaching us little art wannabe's how to draw hands and elbows realistically. Yay! I really need that. I've never had any kind of art lessons. I took a grand total of one art class in high school (my Dad didn't like me taking art classes, he thought they were stupid). I took Silk screening. And yes Dad, it did prove really useful in my future life. You were right.

But I'm really excited about the upcoming class Sunday. About the only fly in the ointment, was that my case manager was going to get me some gift cards for Michael's to get some art supplies... Well, she forgot her ID when she went to the store, and they wouldn't take her purchase order, so now I have to purchase my own sketchpad. And I am stone broke from all my car expenses this month. I have to make $125 last until June 3rd and the pads are about $10. Guess I'll just have to bite the bullet. Gotta suffer for your art, right?

Absolutely!! Yeah, baby!!

Went down to the Crazy Crazy place to do a little artsiness today. Hey, their supplies, right? They had had an all day meeting yesterday, so my friend who runs the place, had said not to come.

So today I had the place all to myself. I had brought my favorite Frida Kahlo book with me. Last night at my figure drawing class, I had stepped into an adjoining art gallery which is next to where we draw. They were having a show of work from local high school kids. Some was just what you would expect, but then I was really taken by several mosaic-collage type pictures. They were very striking, so that's what I decided to try today.

But guess what? I'm bipolar! Ha! Thousands of little pieces of paper with glue. Ha! I quickly realized I didn't have the patience to make a mosaic, so I scaled down the mosaic part of the picture to the yellow back ground in the middle. Yup, I meant to do that.

What I did was Xerox one of Frida Kahlo's fruit-filled still life images on the copy machine. I then cut one full sized image, and pasted it down. And then one partial image under it, in the upper left hand corner. And then I cut one of the fruits and pasted it in the bottom right corner, repeating the image a third time.

I then hand tinted the Xeroxes with pastels, colored pencils and felt pens accordingly. I pasted all those damn, gnarly yellow mosaic pieces (snarl, plus there was a fan going overhead and all the pieces kept blowing around---fruck!). I also found some additional images from a Vanity Fair magazine, namely the letters from FRIDA's name and a couple of plant images. Naturally about 2 inches from all 4 edges are missing, thus reducing its dramatic repeating theme because of the world's smallest scanner, but Voila!

So I took my picture on my usual tour of the center. I was showing it to one of the women who works as a secretary and she looks at FRIDA's name and says, "Gee, it looks like the "Y" fell off the word FRIDAY.

Had to suppress my laughter, of course. Explained to her, that in fact, all the letters were there, and that FRIDA was the name of the artist, and that it was fine that the Y was MIA. And she didn't miss a beat...she just segued right into the fact that she had just met Hillary Clinton and that she was a helluva a gal.

Gotta love mentally ill people.

Anyways, before I left one of the two women who run the center gave me a flyer calling for artists for a show on May 21st. She gave me a big pep talk, but of course, I really can't do much because I don't have any frames for my work. But I thought it was nice she thought of me. She's also the same one who has a friend who owns a local art gallery, so we'll see. Maybe know...

When all the planets line up, and I see two people with mullet haircuts on the same day at Big Lots.

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