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2004-05-18 @ 9:15 p.m.
letiticia and boobara get their school pictures

You know, there's nothing better than entering a room and having someone tell you, oh so forcefully, to take off all your clothing...on the top half, and then a mere minute later, grab a handful of your luscious love pillow (this being a stranger, mind you, making, it all that more exciting), and then shoving, said love pillow into heavy machinery, crushing it mercilessly (the pain, the pain, oh wait, I think I'm getting excited), and then snapping pictures of it. (Hey, that part, in kinda scintillating too).

Oh wait, it was only a mammogram. Yeah, the girls, got their school pictures today. Aren't you excited? I'm not asking you (people in diaryland) incidentally, I'm asking my boobs.


LeTITicia? (I have names for each one. Don't want them to feel depressed by being only known as a set).

What was your favorite part?

LeTITicia: Well, I think my favorite part was walking into a room, and having a strange woman tell me to slip my gown off and then just kind of grab a handful of me. It was all so random. (shiver). I mean, one minute we're just standing there chatting and she asked me if I needed my parking validated (honey, I need validating, but it sure ain't my parking). And then the next thing I know, she's scooping me up into her warm soft hand and placing me onto this big metallic slab. I kinda remember something like this happening last year, but well, you know I'm only a boob, so I really can't remember much beyond about 3 minutes ago. But my nipple definitely perked up (geeze, when don't they?). It was just so neat though, having someone handle me in such a nice manner. But then it wasn't so nice. Once she got me positioned on the metal, she clamped that mother down on me and it was so freakin' tight, I could barely breathe.

Me: I didn't know boobs breathed.

LeTITicia: Shut up, you know what I mean. It was really tight.

BOOBara: Oh you big fucking baby.

LeTITicia: What?

BOOBara: You loved it. I'm a boob too, ya know and I thought it was hot. Having a chick touch me, and than being trapped in heavy machinery. FFFuhhh---ucck, I'm getting a big, juicy "O" just thinking about it.

LeTITicia: You're such a perv, I can't even believe we're even attached to the same body.

BOOBara: Man, that chick was all over me. My nipple was harder than the Hope Diamond.

LeTITicia: Go to your room!

BOOBara: Only if that hot chick with the warm hands is in there...

LeTITicia: Stop it, stop it, stop it.

So, as you can see, even my boobs are bipolar.

But be sure to get your "girls" checked on a yearly basis. My grandmother died of breast cancer at age 44. And maybe, you can even enjoy having a random stranger touch your boob.

I know, bad wittykitty.

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