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2004-06-04 @ 11:07 p.m.
beautiful x2

Here is your horoscope for Thursday, June 3:

Step into the spotlight -- yes, again -- and force yourself to enjoy it. Your talents and abilities will continue to attract appreciative attention. Is there a problem?

Hell, no. Attention....bring it on. I have an attention deficit. That is not to say I'm learning disabled, I just never got enough attention growing up, so I'm just catching up on it as an adult.

Got a problem with that?

Other than some fibro pain, today was a most excellent day.

What made it nice was how it started and how it ended. Oh, and the middle wasn't bad either. Nothing earthshaking mind you. I didn't cure cancer or anything. But I finally got some funding for my art supplies at Michael's today. Saw my case manager this morning and she whipped out two $25 gift cards. I was so psyched! $50 worth of art S-T-U-F-F. frooking awesome.

I could barely wait to get out of my appointment. I hadn't even eaten breakfast yet. So I made a quick stop at Mickey D's, so I wouldn't faint while I was power shopping for pastels.

As I have mentioned before, I am incredibly indecisive once I get into a store. And even though I already had the $50 I had to quell my anxiety about spending it. Pretty dumb, huh?

I guess I'm just so used to being poor, that I'm totally flummoxed by the concept of shopping in a carefree and joyful manner.

Want some of those high falooting $24 pastels? Throw those little bastards in the basket. (I did have a 40% off coupon, so I was also being a conscientious shopper as well).

So I walked around Michael's for an hour and 45 minutes. Yeah, I'm a nut. It was only $50 Witty! But I walked up and down every aisle about 3 times each, gazing rhapsodically all the art supplies. I felt like I had won the lottery.

I finally somehow managed to free my INNER SHOPPER at the two hour mark and then started rabidly throwing stuff into my cart.

Whee, this is fun. I eventually ended up with the aforementioned EXPENSIVE pastels, a nice frame, a matte frame, some other compressed pastel drawing chalk for sketching, an aluminum palette, a package of assorted paint brushes, a box to keep all my drawing things in, a 14X17 sketch pad, a box of cat cards for my mom (only a buck), and a much needed gum eraser.

I had tried to keep a running total of things as I shopped, but lost track at about $12. (I'm totally brain dead when it comes to math). But a most amazing thing happened up at the counter. I, of course, had the $50...and the total was (drum roll) $50.95!!!

How amazing is that? I couldn't have done that if I tried. So I'm really excited about having all these art goodies. Now all I have to do is MAKE ART!!

Afterwards I dropped the stuff off home and called Married Guy. He had said something about coming over today for kidlet's music. I had had a support group meeting at 4:30, but it had been canceled via e-mail, so I went over.

Kidlet was a little distracted on the music today. Everything was being played at about triple speed. Tried to slow him down, but he basically just did his own thing. He's like that some weeks.

After the lesson I walked out into the kitchen. Married Guy and wifie were sitting there, and sudddenly I hear a big, "Hello beautiful!"

I was like WTF? Where?

Oh, me. Married Guy's talking to me. Heh, heh, ummm....(???)

Yeah, that's always good, to tell your groupie, she's beautiful in front of your wife. eep.

He then invited me to dinner. He was going to be bar-b-queing some burgers and wifie was going to be leaving, as in not there for dinner.

So the role of wifie, for one performance only...wittykitty.

Well, not really. Married Guy soon departed for BBQ duties, and wifie and I got to chat (always a pleasure). I try to keep it on one of two topics. Art or gardening, since those are the only thing I have ever heard wifie talk about. And fortunately I know a smidge about both, and she gets all bright eyed when I mention either.

And then she told me something most interesting. She's taking a three week trip in July...sans Married Guy. It's work-related, and he won't be joining her. And she will going to another continent (say hi to her for me, Hiss).

Hmmm. Married Guy. No wife for three weeks in July. My shrink will be on vacation at the same time.

Talk about a recipe for disaster fun!

It was actually during wifie's last work-related vacation to another continent that Married Guy and I first got heated up. He called me like the first day she was gone and said, "Gee, I feel like a bachelor".

(well, except for that gosh dern ring on your wedding finger, sweetie).

And then things nearly got out of hand. BUT THEY DIDN'T. (I have incredible resolve and don't want to contribute to the delinquency of a married guy, despite how I come across here).

So wifie finally left for her meeting and we had to wait for the coals to heat up, so kidlet invited me to walk up on the roof (they're doing construction and everything is open). Married Guy was down in the yard doing manual labor (oh, how manly), so we just kind of watched. I was nervous however, walking on the roof, even though it wasn't particularly steep and I guess Kidlet thought it was pretty funny how I was nervously creeping along the dormer back towards the open window.

heh, heh, wittykitty, the high wire act. SPLAT!

I then joined M.G.'s stepdaughter as we tended the burgers on the grill. I really like her. She's kind of a flibbergidget. She's 13 and very chatty. We were trying to decide if it was possible for an actor to be cute AND talented at the same time. So naturally I came up with Johnny Depp. And she came up with the actor in "Princess Bride" and her fave, the Bloom guy in LOTR. She just could not say enough about him. And there was alot giggling involved too.

And then when Married Guy came out we both asked if he knew of any actors who were both cute and talented and he said Tom Hanks. Me and "D" just burst out laughing.

Dads are such dorks!

I was actually very touched by "D". She said she's never been able to talk to anyone about cute actors before (I think meaning an adult). She also told me she had wanted to buy a magazine with the Bloom guy on the cover but she thought her mother would make fun of her so she didn't.

Oh, and somewhere in between music and burgers and talking about cute actors, I also somehow managed to rescue a chipmunk. HA! No, its not a joke. Their cat had a chipmunk in its mouth out in the yard and I yelled at it, since the chippy was still alive and the cat dropped it. Unfortunately the chipmunk, in its confused state, (you know, having its head clamped in a giant cat mouth) run into a cement cylinder by the doghouse and got trapped. So I got down on my hands and knees and was talking to the little guy. And it was just making a racket. Squealing and crying! I was trying to rescue it, not kill it. I finally dumped the cylinder over on its side and he was brave enough to scamper to safety under the doghouse.

And then for the rest of the night, Married Guy teased me about my chipmunk rescue efforts. Hey, somebody had to do it.

We finally had dinner around 7:30. Kids weren't too rambunctious. Burgers were good. Helped clean up afterwards. Married Guy had finally cleaned out the fridge while I was there and was pretty disgusted with what he found (I knew it had stunk over the weekend. The stinky stuff turned out to be bad shrimp).

I had been ready to leave right after dinner, but kidlet begged me to stay for yet another bonfire. I did have to meet my mom at a local restaurant to loan her a jacket, but I called the restaurant and told her I would be a little late.

And the bonfire was nice. Married Guy and I chatted for a while, by the flames, as we watched the kids play in the yard. It all felt very comfortable. I liked it.

He finally went in the house and I spent some more time with the kids by the fire. Me and "D" chatted quite a bit more, making fun of the boys who were swinging an ax, chopping up pieces of stray wood from the construction site. I, of course, was also being the responsible adult, making sure no body parts were being harmed.

I finally left around 9:30. Married Guy came out and I kissed him good-bye. I then headed over to the restaurant to drop off my mom's jacket. She was seeing a guy who performs there once a month. To me, he's kind of a seedy character. French Canadian, greasy hair, thick glasses, pot belly, about 60, and he plays a banjo with a couple of other old geezers. His theme song is about champagne, but this guy is strictly Lite Beer material.

So my mom introduced me after his "set". And, are you ready for this? I got called "beautiful" for the second time in a three hour period. This guy said it about 3-4 times though, flirting so shamelessly, that I nearly felt the need for a can of mace.

He was creepy though. I even thought he was going to make a move for a smooch (he kept inching towards me and getting way too close for comfort), so I sorta stood angled away from him, so if he felt a sudden need to plant a wet one on me, I would be in an unavailable position.

Yeah, he was that creepy.

So that was my day. Other than the French Canadian, not a bad one. And being called beautiful twice in one day....

I can live with that. :-)

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