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2004-06-08 @ 12:33 a.m.
pulp friction

Being of the Broadway Geek persuasion, I just had to watch the Tony Awards tonight. Haven’t seen any of the shows. Don’t know most of the actors, but who cares...its THEATRE!

Of course I do have my inside source. My best friend “G”, who works on Broadway, was at the show tonight and everytime they would pan the audience I would crane my neck to see his cute little face, but no luck. I did send him an e-mail before he left...”Lust after Hugh Jackman for me, ok?”

Yeah, Hugh. He may do all that Hollywood crap, but he can also sing and dance, and did we mention he’s a major hottie and very nice in person? “G” has met him before and confirmed both things...the hottie part and the nice part. “G” also told me he will be going to the “Avenue Q” party tonight and the show just took home Best Musical, so I guess it will be a happy party for everyone.

Ah, life in New York.

But I’m not there...I’m here. Going to garage sales and petting my cat. Yeah, I know you’re all jealous and want to write a musical about it. Hey “G”? You wanna direct it? “Wittykitty...the Musical”.

No? Ah...didn’t think so.

Since we were having such nice weather this weekend, I decided to go to some garage sales to escape the groaning and moaning of the obnoxious air conditioning unit next to my house. Gee, what a great motivator to get me out of the house. And to think, poor “A” had been trying to think of things to get me out of my house for 7 years, and now we finally found A/C unit!

I went to 2-3 garage sales. My first one netted me...gee, I don’t even remember now. I vaguely remember a free Mason jar, which I thought I’d use for dipping my paint brushes into. Wow, the stuff I got must have really been impressive. But I soon headed over to my favorite neighborhood. The hippie/artsy/Vote Bush Out part of town. Why am I not living over there? Why am I living in a neighborhood with cement leprechauns and Virgin Mary shrines. What’s wrong with me?

And surprisingly, I had forgotten, besides the great garage sales, they were also having something called The Art Trail this weekend. The Art Trail is when a bunch of artist in the area display their artwork in their yards and studios and offer it for sale. It was actually a fundraiser for our little community center where I take my art classes. They had made up a map and were selling them for $5, but I was too cheap to buy the map, so I just followed the signs and balloons to the various locations.

Along the way I got to see various mediums on display including jewelry, decorative tilework, mosaics, weavings, and one woman even had a bunch of pastels on displays in her yard under a tent. I liked her work pretty well. It was very bright and festive with images of flowers and angels and gardens.

Even though I’m pretty shy I was able to talk to her about her techniques with pastels, like what kind she uses and how she controls the dust and about matting. We talked for about 10 minutes. She was very nice and informative to me, and didn’t get weirded out when I told her I did nudes.

The next place I stopped had some really cool mosaic pieces, which included like large frames and celtic crosses made out of pieces of brightly colored tiles, broken china and tea cup handles pressed into gray cement. They were very lively. I really wished I had had some film left in my camera though. They were really pretty.

I finally headed back to a garage sale I had seen on my way to the Art Trail. It was actually right across the street from one of the Art Trail locations, so I just parked my car and hit two spots with one shot.

And this garage sale was one of this dirty, messy, but ultimately very intriguing ones, as in not just old ugly crap, someone bought by accident. And it was being run by this old unshaven guy behind this big old house and there was stuff set up all the way from the street, all the way along his driveway, and then his entire back yard was filled with large tables of STUFF! Alot of it was dirty, like it had been in a basement for a long time, and it smelled a little musty back there. But sometimes, those are the best places to find things. So I poked around through boxes and tables for a while. There were some kids there who he obviously knew and he was telling their parents if they wanted anything to just take it.

By then I was headed towards a garage, at the back of the property, where there were boxes and boxes of old books. I’m a total idiot when it comes to books. I live in a tiny house, yet I can’t go to a garage sale without buying books. And my house is totally overflowing with books. And everytime I move I bring like 4-5 boxes of books to the Salvation Army so I don’t have to move them. Although, in essence, I guess I’m moving them anyways, if I’m driving to the Salvation Army, right?

So I’m just starting to look through my first box of musty books and the old guy comes towards me and says, “If you want any books about S-E-X, there’s a few over there.”

EEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!! what?

Do I look like I’m looking for books about S-E-X? That was weird!

Guess what I ended up buying?

Books about S-E-X....OK, not exactly. He had a huge box full of those 1960 pulp fiction books with lurid artwork on the cover. You know the kind, with a sexy woman leaning forward provocatively and a shirtless man standing in the background, sweating.

And I love the description on the cover:

CALL GIRL: The blonde didn’t have to tell Liddell that she made the circuit. One look, and he could see she was a fast operator. Johnny Liddell dialed “O” for information, but all she was selling was her party line...”


Not sure what made me buy them other than thinking I might be able to sell them on E-Bay. So I snapped up nine of those books. I also bought several 1960’s records including “Going to the Venture’s Dance Party”, “The Twist” by the Diplomats, the movie soundtrack from the James Bond film “Goldfinger” (jealous, “A”?) and one other record which I can’t reveal here because its a really, really unusual find and I plan on putting it on E-Bay.

The total for everything? The guy started to add up everything and then just said, ahh forget it, just give me $2. So nine books, and four records, one of which might sell for as much as $25 on E-Bay $2.00. Yay! So I was happy, and it was worth the gas for garage sale-ing.

So today was my drawing class in the attic once again. Same model. And for some reason I am hopelessly tangled up in my insecurities about drawing in front of people. I have Johnson right there to help me, but I am so insecure about my abilities, that I am shutting down and am unable to draw in front of him. And I think he senses it and he has stopped helping me in class. He’ll talk to the other guy and make suggestions, but he’ll just stand behind me and then walk away. I guess its my own fault, because I’m such a nervous nellie, and its totally obvious that he’s making me nervous. So I feel bad, like I’m wasting this opportunity to learn something from someone who is really talented.

Today, in class, we tried something a little different. He brought in gray and black paper and we used white pastels, as in reverse imaging I guess. But I was totally boonswaggled as to what I should be shadowing and what should remain untouched. And then of course I couldn’t draw shit. And it got worse and worse as the class wore on until I felt totally frustrated with myself.

And what was strange was, after I got home tonight, while I was watching the Tonys, I got out one of the drawings, which I had thought was a lost cause and worked on it while I was watching TV, and made it into something that was something pretty decent, if not sensual. The difference?

Nobody was watching me.

Sheesh. I need therapy. Oh, I’m in therapy. Get a grip Witty.

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