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2004-06-16 @ 11:50 p.m.
femme fatale artist on the loose

Another full, if not interesting day. OK, no countries were conquered, no laws passed, no hearts were broken (fortunately), but it was good.

I had forgotten to close my window last night because it was so hot, so I was blasted awake with the sound of my old friend, the medical building air conditioning unit right next to my house. I can usually sleep through it if the windows are closed, but with them open, it sounded like Air Force One landing on my headboard at 5 a.m.

Thanks, L-Court Medical.

I tried going back to sleep, but I knew I had to get up soon for a quick shower before “A”s appointment. Had to smell good for the shrink. I was really nervous going there today however. I even took a half a clonopin, since I knew the first thing on the agenda was the Nanny question. Did you call Greg? No.

To the dudgeon with ye than!

But “A” was a lot nicer than I thought he would be. The first thing out of his mouth was “Greg said you never called him this week”. Gulp. Nope. Then we talked at length about it. I told him about all my nerves and anxiety surrounding the whole thing. And he said he didn’t want to force me to do anything I didn’t want to do and he wasn’t mad at me. BUT....

Did I even hear what he said next? Not really. He’s a smooth operator. He was probably great with the girls before he got married because soon I was agreeing to meet with in this week. How did that happen? Gasp! I don’t even remember what he said, but it must have been good, because soon he was setting up a meeting with him, Greg and I in his office.

Oh a threesome!

Oh behave Witty!

I guess it was the second part of my session that got me all riled up. The weekly transgressions. Not wearing panties to my art class amongst others. “A” rather matter of factly did say that Charlemagne, the Obnoxious French Guy, in my art class would have had no problem scoring a one night stand with me if given the opportunity. I knew he knew him. We also got into some other heat producing subjects. “A” is the only person who knows all of this stuff, and will hopefully take them to his grave...OR write a best seller, “awittykitty: Lights, Camera, Mirrors!!!!”.

Do you want to book the Oprah Show “A”, or should I? :-)

I actually felt very warm after I left his office. Must have been my hormones. And then after talking about the no panties thing, knew I was going back to his office for group at noon, and, I decided to Go Commando for group. Yeah, I know this was wrong.

Bad Witty. Me grinning sheepishly. Whoops.

So group was good! And for reasons other than the undies thing. We had our homework assignment. The “what is our bottom line for relationships” thing. As usual, everyone just sat there like the patients in that movie “Awakenings”. Wake up! I go to groups so I can talk, so I was the first person to offer up my golden bottom lines:

They must have a sense of humor, the feelings of love must be mutual and then I had found this saying that went something like this: A friend walks in when the world walks out.

I can only hope, that whoever I end up with will be my friend through thick and thin.

This seemed to be met with general approval, which was nice. A few more people offered up honesty (I totally forgot that one), similar interests, similar spiritual backgrounds. And then “A” was all anxious because no one was mentioning his favorite one.

So my friend “S” and I both looked at each other, grinning, and said at almost the same time...”SEX?” And “A” said YES! Sexual compatibility was really important, and something as simple as having one person being passionate and their partner being lukewarm on sex, can really drive a stake into their relationship. So we all had to agree that this would be important. Guess we just didn’t think of it.

That’s why we have the ever intriguing “A” at the helm, I guess.

Afterwards I went to lunch with “S” and the Eight is Enough guy. He finally returned to the group after a two week hiatus. I think he was a little startled with “S”s blunt conversation. He appears to be extremely religious and “S” was just yakking away right and left about naughty things. That’s what I like about her. He was sweating profusely though.

Afterwards I headed up to Married Guy’s house for kidlet’s music lesson. Today was his last day of school so he was off early so I didn’t have to waste time until 4. I got there a little after 2. Kidlet was all excited because tonight was the 7th grade formal prom. We were going to start the music lesson but he had to run over and show me his new slammin’ outfit his Dad had bought him for the event. Beige cargo pants and a blue shirt. I asked him if he had a date and without a moment’s hesitation he said Kristin! He had also shown me Kristin’s picture last week. Kristin is in marching band with him. Kidlet is the shortest kid in class. Kristin is about a head taller, but this is kidlet’s cool new girlfriend. Kristin....sigh.

After the lesson Married Guy finally showed up. He wanted to show me the kid’s new bedroom upstairs, so we headed on up. I hadn’t seen him since my massage last week. Had missed him. We talked for quite a while. Mostly serious when his wife is leaving the country (cough) for three weeks. He also was wondering aloud when oh when was I coming in again for a massage.

Yeah, I’m so in demand.

rub my feet (PLEEEEASE!!!! I love getting my feet rubbed. Can I change my bottom line to feet rubbing?). OH WAIT...can you also rub the back of my knees...WAIT....can you also rub my (__________) :-)

Got a nice full frontal hug when I left. He was going to be macho and show off his circular sawing skills out on the deck, but I was afraid my beauty might distract him, and he might accidently saw off a finger or two, so I decided to go.

So, that was my day. Two men. Both infinitely different, but infinitely lovable. Thanks for being in my life you two.

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