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2004-07-05 @ 12:47 a.m.
july 1972

Well, I was going to wait to see Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit’s 9/11” until I had more money, but it was hot and sweaty out, I was stressed about starting my new nanny adventure tomorrow, and it was also Independence Day which seemed like an appropriate day to see this film. I loved the film as I knew I would. And I kept waiting for this supposedly big anti-American and anti-troops part of the film and it never came. It just never fucking came. Sorry’s not in there. I cried twice during it...once during the attack on the World Trade Center and then during the interview with a mother who loses her son in Iraq. Those two things definitely happened, and you can’t take away the power they possess.

I currently have a nephew in Iraq. It’s my sister’s only child. She was a single mother. He grew up working towards a career as a professional ice skater. Over the years, she probably spent at least $100,000 on his skating career, for lessons, travel, costumes, housing, equipment, tutoring, wear and tear on her many cars, wear and tear on their relationship (she was definitely a stage mother) and while he enjoyed it and was rather good at it, placing 2nd or 3rd at various mid-level competitions, when he hit 18, he abruptly told her, he wanted to stop skating and join the army. She was devastated of course. She wanted him to be a skating star and also to be able to retain control over him and his career. He wanted to join the army and get into an officer’s training program, because despite his previous fluffy choice of careers (ice-dancing), he was extremely bright academically and knew he could go far. And although I’m not really in close contact with them, since we live on opposite coasts, I’m sure there were some pretty good fights during this transition period.

Also in a very brief period of time, he met and married a really beautiful young girl who looks like actress Gina Davis and they had a son. And within a three year period, he went from basic training to Germany to Iraq. His son is about a year and a half now. And my sister moved all the way to Germany to be close to my nephew when he comes home on leave. His wife and son obviously live there too. I just hope that the worst case scenario never happens, because I know my sister would be totally devastated since “D” is her entire life.

After the movie I came home and vegetated in front of the TV for some more videos. Talk about diverse. I watched “Pollock” about artist Jackson Pollock. He was a total asshole in real life, but what beautiful and energetic artwork he produced over the years. I love his work. Our little local museum has one Pollock in its collection and everytime I visit the museum, I always just stand and gaze at this rather small piece. It’s just so beautiful.

And then the second movie I watched was this silly independent film about Texas. And really the only reason I picked it up at the library was because a boy I went to high school with wrote and directed it. I had remembered seeing his picture in Premiere magazine several years back, when they did an article about independent film makers and suddenly there was Mark featured prominently in the article. I used to do school plays with him. He was an actor in those days. In fact, he was the star in all our high school productions. I even had a scene with him once in high school.

I, of course, was always either relegated to bit parts or was selected as the music director of plays. Guess which one I preferred? The bit parts. I really wanted to be an actress when I was younger. I mean totally. I used to write about it all the time in my diary. “I’ll be an actress someday. I’ll be like Liza Minnelli!!” (hey it was 1972 and Cabaret was big).

We did have one other girl from my class go into acting professionally. One time in the mid-80’s I was watching an episode of “L.A. Law” and there was the other star of all our plays Lisa, playing an S&M Madam.

Lisa had always been a double threat in high school....Star of all our plays and the Editor of our newspaper. And I definitely remember a very kind thing she wrote in my high school yearbook when we were seniors. She wrote: “I may be the editor of the newspaper, but you are the star”. I almost fainted when I walked away. Why? Because Lisa was one of the cool kids. I wasn’t. I had barely had the courage to ask her to sign my yearbook, and had only done so because of our association on the newspaper. I had also just won Best Feature Writer and felt that maybe...just maybe...Lisa, the Cool Girl, might warrant me important enough to sign my yearbook. And I was right. Cuz I was a Star. (heh, heh...whoops, I probably tripped over something as I walked away knowing me).

Also I had another friend from high school that produced extreme sports programs (like skiing off mountain cliffs into shark tanks). Although she is probably less known for that, then for being Charles Schultz’s daughter. You know the creator of the cartoon Charlie Brown. I was actually friends with her. She was a very nice girl, very pretty, with a very good sense of humor. And she never bragged about having a famous father. Its not like she walked around carrying a Peanuts lunchbox or wearing a Peanuts sweatshirts or anything. In fact, it just virtually never came up in the conversation. I only knew it because he owned a big ice rink in town where I lived and I got to meet him a couple times. He was actually very quiet and shy. Kinda like Charlie Brown.... Because I think he WAS Charlie Brown in essence. He also had a bright yellow Mercedes with the license plate Woodstock.

Hey folks, I couldn’t make this stuff up.

I actually really liked my high school. I had gone to catholic school for the previous 8 years and then finally my parents came to their senses and sprung me into a funky little public school on the edge of the Russian River. It was probably about 70% hippy kids. I had never really seen a hippy, except for when we went to San Francisco or Berkeley and would see them standing on the street or hitchhiking. And then suddenly, yowza! I was going to school with them. I was astounded. And totally thrilled. And suddenly I wanted to be one. I got the hippy beads, wore halter tops (only when my dad was out of town though), had peace earrings, sandals. I also wore the tiniest of tiny mini dresses. My mom barely noticed my transformation. She was too busy spending my Dad’s money. But I was happily becoming the person I would become today. I even registered Democrat just to piss off my Dad. I guess I was becoming a Michael Moore fan of tomorrow.


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