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2004-08-05 @ 9:45 p.m.
the kitty-shirt folding time warp.

I woke up this morning and looked at the clock.

8:46 a.m.

8:46 a.m.!!!!!!

Argh!! I was supposed to be at “A”s group in exactly 14 minutes. The only problem....I was still lying in bed naked. And I was still a 20 minute drive from his office. Shit.

I also knew that if I was late or didn’t show today he would think it was related to our little tiff on Monday, so I picked up the phone and called. Got the voice mail. Told him I had overslept and was going to be late.

Raced on over. Did really good time. Got there at 9:10. But his office clock said 9:15. I sat down rather melodramatically onto the couch, so that everyone knew that I knew I was late. As in Bad Witty. He was just talking about finances and about Medicaid and Medicare and the need for people to get jobs. Just what I needed to hear. And it seemed to veer incredibly close to everything that has been going on between us. I looked at the floor. I can’t really help that I only have Medicare and Medicaid. At least at this point.

And another girl in the group who is extremely fond of “A” (like me, I admit it, I’m an “A” groupie) is now looking for a F/T job. She, too, has the evil and lowly Medicare and Medicaid like me. So it really seems less about getting a job than continuing to see “A”.

How’s it feel to be such a rock star, “A”?

I did talk briefly to “A” afterwards. He said exactly what I thought he would say...”Oh, I thought you didn’t show up this morning because you were still mad at me.”

No, it was just my body being disagreeable. And my body is getting even more disagreeable. I am just incredibly tired, as in totally whipped. I am in Day 15 of my period. I guess I will be calling my doctor tomorrow, cuz that just ain’t right.

After group I finally took that infernal receipt to Medicaid, so now I am covered through December. Yay! Sickness may now commence!

heh, not really. No stop!

I went home after Medicaid and took a brief nap and then had lunch. I really thought I had caught up on my rest. I had been so tired yesterday, I had slept most of the afternoon. I had even missed my art class with the Crazy Crazies, and had only gone to my Survivor’s Group in the late afternoon, and then to my figure drawing class in the evening.

My figure drawing class had been pretty sedate. We had had one of our most attractive models. She’s a blonde who is usually very vivacious, but last night she was totally inert (kind of like me). So I was just kind of lackadaisically putting my pastel to paper and produced nothing memorable. Yay me.

I did talk to Jim, my first potential art class husband, who I thought was gay, but turned out to be married. We had been seeing each other around town the last month alot. Once in front of the library. Once at an estate sale. Once at an arts festival. It actually got to be funny, because he would always see me first...probably because I never look up, and he would always say my name in his slow, New Orleans drawl....Wit-teee!

Well, last night I said to him, “Gee Jim, I haven’t seen you out in at least 2 weeks. What’s up?” And he said, “I guess we’ll have to have another tryst soon” and then smiled at me.

Damn those married men. All teases. Every last one of them. (grin).

And then, of course, there was Charlemagne, the Obnoxious French Guy. He always comes in late and makes a great deal of noise and chaos to show that he has arrived. And for some reason, last night, while some Fats Waller music was playing, he kept on insisting on singing rather loudly, “For Making Whoopie” every time Fats would sing that lyric and then look over at me.

In your dreams, Frenchie.

So after my little nap today, I called my mom and told her I was coming over to tackle her laundry, because tackle is really the only word you can use. She has not done her laundry in at least FOUR MONTHS. I actually think its closer to 6 months, because there were winter clothing in her laundry bag, and its August.

So I got to her apartment complex and backed the TRACTOR TRAILER up to her apartment. There was a good 30 pounds of laundry. How does she get by that long without doing laundry? She washes her underwear and a few choice pieces of clothing in the sink. I ended up having to carry two huge bags of laundry out from her apartment and then there was a massive bag in the trunk of her car. The one in her trunk actually smelled and I wondered if she might have run over somebody back in February and just thrown them in a bag in the trunk.

But I knew it was important to get this done, because it could easily go another 3 months. She also still has 2-3 small bags in her bedroom but she wouldn’t give them to me. She said she didn’t want to “tire me out.”

Ummm. Ok. Not that the other 30 pounds wouldn’t.

So I dragged all this stuff to the laundry. Managed to get everything into three triple load washers, although I could have really used a fourth. I then went over to the library to check my e-mails. The dryer situation was considerably more work when I came back. Six dryers. Should have been seven, since when I returned, the stuff was still wet in one of them, because I had overloaded it. Argh!!

But then was when the real fun was about to begin. The folding of said laundry. Six dryers full. Thirty hundred and thirty three kitty t-shirts/sweatshirts (call Ripley’s Believe or Not). 127 night gowns and robes. Three pairs of slacks. A couple towels and sheets. And 2 pairs of panties (the rest are home soaking in the tub, I’m guessing). Oy vey!

And while folding, I didn’t even attempt the mommy-dearest Laundry Folding Perfection Standards. Last time we did one of these laundry marathons she insisted on accompanying me, since “you don’t know how to fold things right.”

And I also don’t have a Mercedes either. Life sucks, doesn’t it?

By about the 321st kitty t-shirt folding, I was really starting to feel considerably fatigued. Fortunately our weather has gotten less humid and cooled off considerably, but here I was standing in the middle of this huge pile of hot laundry, kind of wavering back and forth like a television test pattern at 3 a.m. Was I going to faint? Or wasn't I? Couldn’t tell. Haven’t fainted since I was a little kid in South Florida.

What I really wanted to do was go sit down for a few minutes, but I knew if I did that, I would never get up again, so I just finished the folding, which took close to an hour. Not sure why it took so long. Guess I must have been stuck in a time warp or something. The kitty-shirt folding time warp.

Finally hauled the stuff back to my mom’s, and again got on her case about letting her laundry go so long, and she countered with how old she is. The thing is, she lives at a really nice senior complex, and works once a week at a gift shop right next to the laundry facilities. I said why not bring a little bag a laundry down, when you work at your gift shop for those two hours? And she goes...


See...good ideas are always met with SOME resistance, right “A”?

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