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2004-08-13 @ 11:14 a.m.
MONO or stereo

Well, yesterday was fun. Fun, fun, fun. Did I mention it was fun?

Started out with "A"s group. Managed to get there on time this week. And "A" wouldn't look at me. He would not make eye contact with me. I remember doing that shit in high school. You'd get mad at your boyfriend and then you'd see him in the band room at lunch and walk by him and just pretend like he was invisible. Well, "A" was doing this to me. He then talked about how he's helped people and then they repay you by being angry.

Sound like anyone you know?

Must be the ungrateful wittykitty. It just really isn't fair to take these last three weeks of my anger at him, which have legitimate causes, and have them color our 8 year therapeutic relationship. I adore "A". Everyone has their spats. I guess we'll have to talk about this on Tuesday.

....if he doesn't cancel my appointment.

....or I don't have to compete with his laptap.

I think I did get "A" back in my corner a bit during group however. I talked about Kevin in my art class and how he's been looking at me longingly, as if he wants to ask me out. That is absolute catnip to the shrinkster....anytime wittykitty shows any interest in having a love life outside of Married Guy.

So he was all over that. Giving me advice. Getting all enthusiastic as only "A" can. He wants me to buy Kevin a greeting card with a message inside saying I want to go out WITH HIM.

WTF?!?! Does Hallmark make cards for that? Picking up Woody Allen guys in art classes. I soundly refused to do that, of course. And the two other guys in my group, who must have been paid by "A", got all excited too saying YES, WE LOVE BEING ASKED OUT BY WOMEN.

After group I went out and had a muffin with "S" and Paul. Paul is an interesting guy. "A" has already told me not to be interested in him because he is too young for me. Geeze, he has totally gray hair and looks like he's ready for AARP. But he's a graduate student up at the local university and I actually bumped into him on campus the day as I was going for my massage at Married Guy's. He seems very nervous socially, but I think he's very bright and interested in the same stuff I am, especially since we had a great conversation about Michael Moore and "Fahrenheit 9/11". So we all got together and chatted.

And then it was off to my case management appointment. It's always nice to talk to "R". She has a very calming affect on me, and she is one of the few people that I feel, actually listens to me. Unfortunately she was over a 1/2 hour late, and the time that I had hoped to go home and take a nap before my doctor's appointment was sort of frittered away.

By time I got out to my doctor's office I was feeling very fatigued. My doctor is perpetually late, so I expected a wait. But that was the longest wait ever. An hour and twenty minutes in the little room. The nurse had come in initially and done the blood pressure and temperature thing (I had a fever of over a 100 degrees), but then I just laid on the examining table. And despite having a fever, I had a really bad case of the chills, so I had to ask for a blankie.

She finally came in about 4:20. I was too weak to bitch about the wait. And this wasn't my usual doctor. This is a new doctor who is very nice and kind of looks like Nora Jones. How can you yell at Nora Jones? I just kind of wanted her to sing me something to me.

So I told her all my symptoms and she looked at all the test results from the ER. Nothing on those. Thyroid was fine. And then she examined me. Again my left rib cage was extremely painful. Like I flinched when her cool little doctor hands came within 5 inches of me.

Her prognostication? MONO.

Yeehaw! The Kissing Disease! But how the frook, did I get that? The only person I kiss is Married Guy, and our kisses can hardly be described as MONO-passing, more like Junior kissing grandma because she gave him a Blockbuster Video gift certificate kind of kiss.

But I guess you can also get MONO from people coughing on you. And even though I generally don't let people get very close to me, and I am definitely rather strict about people hacking up loogies in my general vacinity, I guess I must have messed up. Damn.

So she ordered some blood test for Friday morning. A MONO test. Diabetes test. A CBC Panel. A blood Iron Test. Goodie, more shots. I still have a really nasty bruise from the ER blood test Monday night. It kinda makes me look like a junkie.

After the doctor, I joined my mom at her favorite restaurant, but I only stayed long enough for a sandwich, which I only partially ate. Felt bad leaving during the middle of the music, and the piano guy gave me a sad puppy dog face when I left, but I was too wiped out and feverish to stay till 8.

So I went home and sacked out on the couch. Watched "The Thirteen Days of Picasso" which was really good. Gave Married Guy a call. It took him a while to get back to me, but he was really surprised that I might have MONO. He immediately commented on the fact that it's called the kissing disease. I made a joke, like gee, I wish I could have at least had FUN getting it. He laughed. We talked for about 15 minutes which is lengthy for us on the phone. I had just written him a long e-mail about a lot of stuff going on in my life, so I think he felt that I needed a little support. And he's very good for that. He's a nice guy.

So that's the scoop. Got my blood tests this morning. The nurse couldn't find any veins because I was dehydrated so I had to drink three glasses of water and wait ten minutes. And then I got a bad case of the chills and was shaking when she took the blood. But she was nice about it.

So we'll see what happens on Monday.

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