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2004-09-05 @ 11:22 p.m.
hippies, crows, chakras, democrats, its all here

I've always sort of identified myself as a hippy in my diary. Sure it was sort of a writer's shorthand...a way to describe myself briefly, without getting specific. But hippy actually turns out to be somewhat accurate.

It's not like I live in a commune with a dude named Aquarius Moondust. Or I have a twelve foot high compost pile in the backyard and drive a 1968 VW van with a peace bumpersticker on the fender. Or I even have hairy armpits and the world's largest bong collection.

Sure, I've smoked pot. Who hasn't? I went to a small progressive high school in No. California and I think nearly every kid in school had at least one cannabis plant in their garden or their closet. I even think the Future Farmers of America club had some growing out in back of the art building.

I also have a bumpersticker on my car which says: "The more you disapprove, the more fun it is for me." Sure signs of some previous free-spirited, hippy-like behaviour that may have been surpressed during the Reagan years but reappeared during the Clinton years.

And then okay, I may even look a little like a hippy. It's not that I wear peasant shirts and daisies in my hair. But you can tell. I have a strip of leather around my neck with a silver anarchy charm hanging off it. I have silver hand tooled bracelets which I haven't taken off since 1970. And I've got that long haired hippy chick thing going. Let's just say I don't look like your average soccer mom.

Oh, and what's that other thing...what is it now? Oh yes....I'm a democrat. Yeah, I bet you're all surprised. A hippy being a democrat. Aren't all hippies Democrats?

I mean, I actually originally became a Democrat to piss off my Dad. I just couldn't wait to get into that voting booth for the first time and vote for the kind and benevolent Jimmy Carter, just so I could go neener, neener, neener. Back then it didn't even have anything to do with being a hippy.

But if you read all the message boards on AOL, you'd think that all Democrats are hippies. When we're not out marching for peace or some damn fool thing, we're probably going to a wiccen meeting or running a Birkenstock factory or getting our chakras read. But there was one irate writer, who was convinced that the recent march in NYC, which numbered up around 400,000 was composed entirely of SSI people.

In other words, people who were living off the government. I took issue with that. First of all, because it was so stupid.

Because I was thinking. Wow...I wonder how anyone could convince 400,000 SSI recipients to get off their lazy asses, put down their remote controls, (since that's all lazy ass SSI people do all TV, right?), somehow get them down to NYC (Where in God's name did they get the money to do that? Oh yeah, their big fat juicy SSI checks!!), rally them together for something they might believe in (a concept totally foreign to people who are stuck home on disability. They usually just feel powerless in a system that has seemingly forgotten them and then wants to hike their Medicare premium another $17 next year. Go Bush! No, I mean really. GO, as in Go Away) and then have it be such a big success.

Must have been organized by one of those damn pot smokin', Birkenstock-wearin', Bob Dylan lovin' Democratic hippy organizer.

Unfortunately, today was largely uneventful. I went out to the lake for a walk, and realized it was too hot. So I parked my ass on a shady bench at the edge of America's most polluted lake and watched some bird congregate on a nearby pathway.

First there were just some seagulls and then some crows. They seemed to be fighting over something on the sidewalk. I then looked up and there were quite a few crows in the tree overhead. It looked like a casting call for Stephen King's next movie.

So the birds were fighting, and dive bombing each other. They certainly seemed interested in chowing down on whatever was on the sidewalk. And from where I was sitting it looked like somebody had dropped a burrito.

Just then a couple walked by with a baby stroller, and the woman said, "Eeeww, gross, vomit".

So yeah, the highlight of my day. Watching crows eat vomit.

And I bet you STILL wish you were me.

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