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2004-10-23 @ 9:00 p.m.
landslide victory? Call Ripley's believe it or not

It’s amazing what a tiny bit of activity and acceptance can do for a person. Today was about the best day I’ve had in weeks. Why? Because today was the board meeting for my drawing class. Last month I had shyly sidled into my first board meeting. I didn’t really know why I did that. Or why I felt like I belonged there. After all, what do I know about being on non-profit Board? Ha! Nothing. I’ve never been a political type. I’m more of a “let’s go out and pick daisies” type.

But I had gone. And someone had inadvertently nominated me for a place on the Board. Of course they had also nominated Charlemagne the Obnoxious French Guy, only because he had been bellowing about how much he should be nominated. He’s kinda self important you see. Perfect for someone with political aspirations.

Not that being a Board member on a tiny non-profit group is such a big frickin’ deal. It really isn’t considering those who are looking for cures for cancer or saving people from burning buildings, but for Charlemagne, it appeared to be very important and the affirmation he needed. It also appeared to be the only thing that would shut him the fuck that was definitely a consideration for the board.

So, today the first thing on the agenda, was the acceptance of Charlemagne the Obnoxious French Guy and ME (whee!) onto the Board. Ok, maybe it was just a little tiny bit of a big deal, because it felt pretty good to see 6 hands raised, motions seconded and new members voted in. You know as in me.. a person, who in 7th grade had been nominated for class vice president and then received NO votes. Heh, heh. That’s right. I was too shy to vote for myself, so I voted for my opponent and evidently everyone else followed suit, including my friend who had nominated me. I guess there had been a little break down in communication, or I had forgotten to give her my Twinkie at lunch or something. It had been really humiliating, and I never sought elected office again.

But now I am wittykitty, Board Member. cue music: “Hail to the chief!”

But getting voted in at the beginning of the meeting actually gave me the confidence to speak during the meeting. And I am actually a well of good ideas. I usually don’t have the confidence to say anything, but suddenly having had 6 people say, HEY!, I was suddenly transformed into “mega-board-member!”

And I know Charlemagne was excited too, because when our first vote came up after that, and WE got to vote, he leaned over and gave me a High Five. Like Whee! we just got to vote. It was kinda cute, but also like totally freakin’ embarrassing too. Pretty much everything he does falls into that category, so people are used to that. At least he didn’t insist on standing up and doing a belly slam with me. He’s about 6 inches taller than me and I probably would have flown up over the Xerox machine and landed in the recycling bin.

I did bring up my idea about putting more images on our web page. Not really sure how that idea was met. They just sort of nodded their heads. I also suggested that our next speaker, who is a regular at our class, do a little teaser in the class before his appearance. They did appear to like that idea. So SCORE! That seventh grade vice presidential candidate may have been awesome if she had only had a chance.

Hit the local yuppie market after the meeting. Had to get my meds. I also had to replace my shopper’s club card, which enables me to cash checks and get store discounts. I’ve lost it. Well dorkiness soon ensued. I was talking to a very nice girl off to the edge of the cash registers. She had to see my driver’s license. So I was looking and looking for my purse. Looking through all the grocery bags in my cart. Looking underneath. Where the hell was my purse?? I was really starting to panic. And then I realized...heh, heh. My purse was slung over my shoulder.

Wittykitty...board member. (cough)

Later in the afternoon I went back over to where the board meeting had been, because there was going to be a guest speaker there. And it was one of the few FREE events they have during the year. Donations were welcome, but I am very broke at this time of the month, and I did feel a little guilty about not putting any cash into the basket, especially since our entire meeting had been about how financially strapped our speaker series is.

The speaker was pretty interesting though. He started out a little slow. His wife was supposed to do the presentation, but she was ill, so he was filling in and he seemed a little shy. They run a graphics business which creates 3 dimensional images like those in movies like “Shrek”. They start out with 3-D wire-like images and then put layers on them. Their main bread and butter are creating “skins”. And that is quite literal. They photograph a live nude model from every possible angle...with as many as 500 photographs and then put their software to work, morphing the photos together. And then a person can use this “skin” to put over a 3D wire configuration so that a computer generated person looks realistic. So if you remember how Shrek looked, with all his blemishes and warts and hairs stretched over his broad, rounded face... Well, that is what a “skin” looks like.

At least, that is the way I understood it. It was really our question and answer period that brought it alive though. Being a graphic artist helped me to come up with a few questions. And then guess who came in late and was sitting next to me? Charlemagne the Obnoxious French Guy. Yup. He came to that too. He asked the guy if you could change the angle of light on the 3D person, because after all, some people like having a spotlight on them.

How could I not possibly respond to that? So I turned to him and said, “Like you?” Johnson, who was sitting just beyond him, burst out laughing, and Charlemagne punched me in my arm. Hey, if you set yourself up next to wittykitty....Expect to be taken down, sweetie.

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