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2004-12-02 @ 3:30 p.m.
mc survey on mc thursday

Went to my drawing class last night and we had a new model who was very good. Not one of those stick figures with bland college co-ed features, but a unique face (very painterly, if I painted) and a body with curves but not fat.

Iím a little under the weather today, so I decided to borrow a survey from the darkly handsome and mysterious His Holiness(oh, if only I were 15 years younger, I think I would still be too old for him). Have a good day and be kind to animals.

Spell your first name backwards: yttikyttiw (it looks like the name for a Japanese mushroom)

The story behind your user name, awittykitty: Isnít it obvious? No? I am crushed, you hear. Totally crushed.


Wallet: Dark blue leather, jammed with credit cards. Ha, ha! Not really. Mastercard/Visa/AmericaExpress/Discovery have me on their ďdo not give her a credit cardĒ list.

Hairbrush: Horse hair with a wood handle. Good for spanking brushing my thick mane.

Toothbrush: Green Oral B with soft bristles

Pillow cover: One with Snoopy on it. He is on a doghouse with Woodstock sleeping on his stomach. It says, ďSecurity is having your friends sleep over.Ē Its from my childhood.

Blanket: dark blue floral print.

Coffee cup: I donít drink coffee but I do have a cool Broadway cup ďGí sent me from NYC with logos from all the Broadway musicals

Sunglasses: Sunglasses? Why would I need sunglasses? The sun is only out 14 days a year where I live.

Underwear: Underwear?

Shoes: Reeboks or my hippie sandals.

Favorite top: Black tank top

Cologne/Perfume: I donít like perfume, but I do spritz on citrus body splash. I also have some patchouli lotion, since Iím a hippie and itís required that I occasionally smell like patchouli.

CD in stereo right now: ďChicagoĒ (the musical)

Piercings: 2, one in each ear

What you are wearing now: Black sweater. Ummm. Thatís all. :-)

Hair: tousled and impossibly sexy.

Makeup: just a little concealer to cover up my dark circles, mascara and a little blush so I donít look like Vampira.

In my mouth: Tongue in cheek

In my head: why did I fuck things up with Married Guy, how am I going to afford to buy Christmas presents, ow, my body hurts, do I have time for an afternoon quickie before I go to my support group, why canít I be on Broadway?

Wishing: for world peace, but in the meantime, a really awesome massage by a man with warm, soft hands, who will massage me all the right places in all the right ways

After this: See ďIn my headĒ (i.e., quickie)

Talking to: my computer because it gives me unconditional love.

Eating: I just finished a bowl of raisin bran with non-fat milk

Fetishes: Only ďAĒ knows about them, but my hairbrush might give you an inkling

If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason: My former step-mommy, the filipino mail order whore. She took advantage of my father when he was ill with Alzheimerís, destroyed my relationship with him (although I helped a smidge, right ďAĒ?) and then got all his money. She didnít even tell me when he died. I had to hear it second hand from my cousin. So, whorebitch, where ever you are in the Philippines, thereís a landmine with your name on it. Knock yourself out.

Person you wish you could see right now: My dad, of course.

Is next to you: My sketchpad and Guardcat.

Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month:
That Christmas will be over in four weeks.

New years: I can barely get through each day without potentially fucking something up, so we wonít worry about new yearís, OK?

The last thing you ate: Arenít you paying attention? a bowl of raisin bran with non-fat milk

Something that you are deathly afraid of: Got an hour?


Do you like candles: Theyíre nice.

Do you like hot wax: Whoops....fetish alert...I used to do ďthatĒ, but not anymore.

Do you like incense: Sure, otherwise theyíd revoke my hippie license.

Do you believe in love: Well, despite getting my heart stomped on recently, yes.

Do you believe in soul mates: yes.

Do you believe in Heaven: Nope, not unless youíre talking about being hand fed dark chocolate by a darkly handsome random stranger willing to give me a massage

Do you believe in forgiveness: Hard question. I tend to hold onto old hurts for a long time, but if the person is legitimately sorry, Iíll consider it.

Do you believe in God: No. Sorry. Catholic school beat that out of me.

Who is your worst enemy: Youíre reading me.

If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be: Even though I am a cat person, dogs do have a certain appeal. Sort of the ďIím dumb and Iíll follow you anywhereĒ thing. I used to take care of Married Guyís dog and enjoyed it. My....that sounds naughty, huh? I didnít exactly ďtake careĒ of his dog. I wanted to though. God, I really wanted to.

Ever been to Belgium: I donít think my car would make it.

Can you eat with chopsticks: No, but I might be able to use them as lethal weapons if necessary

What's your favorite coin: the ones pouring out a slot machine.

What are some of your favorite pig out foods: Non-pereil chocolate. Iím addicted. Hopelessly. Iím like a junkie. I also like Chinese food.

What's something that you wish people would understand: Not to label people. Like if youíre poor and you have to pull out your food stamp card at the checkout counter, that isnít your cue to scoff or look down at me. Iím just as good as you. Probably better. And if the truth were to be known, youíre probably only 3 paychecks away from poverty too, so get over yourself.

What's something you wish you could understand better: How to communicate your feelings to someone, especially anger. I tend to keep everything in, and get an ulcer. Iíve had two situations where I have told people how I felt and it ended the relationships, so I am very gun shy about saying anything. Of course if you were to consult ďAĒ on this question, he would probably tell you, it was because I waited way too long to tell these people I was upset with them, so the only solution was a thermal nuclear emotional meltdown. Not sure when I will learn anything different though. Iím an emotional clam.

Anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time: My Dad.

What's one thing you want to make happen for tomorrow: To be happier and not be so angry, because anger sucks.

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