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2004-12-04 @ 10:05 p.m.
allegorical cats, metaphorical cats

Since I'm incredibly grumpy today, I decided to just throw on a photo I found while getting out my Christmas stuff. I used to be an avid photographer in the 1980's. I usually shot at least one roll of film a week and sometimes more. And this was before the advent of digital cameras, so it was expensive, and I had to pay for all the crummy shots too. But then when I liked something I would take it back into my black and white darkroom and make enlargements.

This was shot out in my Dad's yard. He had a bunch of wild cats who lived out there and one morning when it was foggy, I went out with my camera to photograph the vineyards and I came upon a pile of black cats all sleeping on top of each other. When I approached they all woke up at the same time and scattered in different directions. And this was the resulting picture...

It may not have been a photographic masterpiece technically (its blurry and contrasty) but I always liked it for its sheer frenzied energy. It kind of reminded me of an Edward Gorey drawing.

Or maybe not...

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