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2005-01-31 @ 11:01 p.m.
dear fairy god mother....

dear fairy god mother:
yes you. well, the box of vibrating things finally arrived today, and oh what fun I had. What fun! Its been a while since my vibrating things have worked, as you well know, because when you saw a need, you jumped right in. And who would have known that fairy god mothers even knew what vibrating things did? But mine did. I mean how totally cool is that?

In fact, as I sit here, I can just imagine you out in your garden, looking all Practical Magicky, trying to cross pollinate orchids and venus fly traps, which when sniffed would first make the person rather woozy, and then rather daft and then rather giggly and then rather, well lets just say if the mailman came to deliver a package, the person catching a waft of the magical orchid, might just try to give the postal worker a little tongue.

I mean who else but my fairy god mother would ever concock such a whimsical scheme. Kissing fly traps? She is a funny one, that one.

So for an afternoon of rolling around in the sheets, in the warm sunlight, with my legs wrapped around one of those newly delivered vibrating things, I thank you. That scream of delight was for you.

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