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2005-03-30 @ 11:29 p.m.
this is my last donut...I promise...sorta

I called my doctor's office this morning to get my cholesterol test results from last Tuesday. My previous level had been 198, it is now 257. Desired level 50-199. Whoops. I was not given any kind of prescription but I was told to eat a low fat diet and exercise. Guess what? I already do that! I don't eat any fried foods. I eat the leanest cuts of meats available and I generally avoid fast food restaurants. I also drink skim milk.

Psst! Witty. Pssssst! Witty....tell everyone about the 5 pounds of chocolate nonpareils and chocolate covered coffee beans you haul out of the bulk food department over at the yuppie food store every week.


Yeah....I eat a teensy eensy weensy...okay a whole shitload of chocolate. Lots and lots of it. In fact I don't really have freckles, I think I'm just oozing chocolate spreckles out of my pours.

So, how did I celebrate the news of my new, and improved(cough) higher cholesterol count today? Oh, I stopped over at Dunkin' Donuts and got a bog ol' deep fried oozy chocolate and creme monstrosity called a Boston Kreme. Yay me! But hey! The guy who served me, was really cute, with his two earrings and black curly hair. He said he really liked my necklace and smiled a smile so blinding, I nearly dropped my Boston Kreme.

But I have finally realized what my necklace means. The necklace which gets me so much attention and has lesbian witches at work asking me which coven I'm from and what not. I guess my necklace is a pentacle.

(hey, stop looking at my boobs)

The pentacle itself is usually made of stone or wood, having a five-pointed star inscribed on it. In most Pagan and Witchcraft traditions it symbolizes the element Earth. The pentacle is frequently used as a magickal plate upon which objects are placed to be magically charged, or presented as ritual objects and offerings.
The circle surrounding the star also represents the safe place in which the Pagan/Witch or magician can work. The circle symbolizes a binding; in this instance, binding evil away from the wearer.

And here I just bought it, because it was 50 cents at a garage sale and thought it was cute! I actually got the heads up on the pentacle thing from the check out clerk at the yuppie grocery store. She had admired it one other time and this weekend when I went through her check out line, she said that witches don't usually wear their pentacles on the outside of their clothing. And that it was a fairly bold thing to do.
Me? Bold? Me? A witch? (hysterical laughter)

So I asked her about it. Like what it meant and what it was. She said she wears a Celtic Pentacle and that she could wear it on the outside, because the grocery store she works for is very progressive about religion (I guess only Pagans wear these), but she chooses not to. So now, at least, I know why everyone keeps staring at it, and making strange assumptions about me.

Pagan witty. Hee! Man, I am so cool!

After my trip to Cholesteral Central Dunkin' Donuts, I headed out to the Lake for a walk. We are finally getting our much deserved Spring around these parts. It was in the upper 50's today and almost all the snow in my front yard has melted except for this little tiny patch in the middle. I'm tempted to just string about 23 extension cords together, and take my blow dryer out there, so I can just melt that damn lump of snow once and for all. But it is supposed to hit 60 tomorrow and then rain, so Mother Nature will probably do it for me.

The Lake was nice, though still frozen. Cracks are starting to form though and probably in about 2-3 weeks it should be melted. There are a lot of Canadian Geese passing through right now. Lots of honking. I love those dorky birds. Just love them. I wish I could keep some as pets, but I don't think Guard Cat would let me.

As I was walking, there were a lot of people out with their dogs. Of course, all the dogs were on leashes. I'm not much of a dog person, since I'm a wittyKITTY, but I do enjoy looking at all the poochies and their owners. Today I passed by this old Eye-talian guy with two fluffy white poodles. Each poodle had on its own embroidered quilted jacket on, one red, one mustard colored. (Isn't that precious?) I passed by too quickly to read the names embroidered on them, but then I heard the guy talking to the dogs. Curly and Mo. The TWO Stooges I guess. Well, they are dogs after all.

After the lake, I went home and took a shower and rested briefly, but then got ready for my art class. I had been thinking, gee, we haven't had a male model in a really, really long time (I'm thinking since before Christmas). We usually have one about every 6-7 weeks. So when I got there I asked "K", my Second Potential Art Class Husband, who was hosting the class once again who the model was and it was going to be, who I''ll call, Crazy Larry, our African American guy. He's a really good model, but craaa-zy. He always starts out good, but usually by the end of the night, he'll end up sitting on the stage saying incredibly racially inappropriate things. Sometimes he's very funny. But sometimes people are just plain uncomfortable. He's also the dude who brings in his own chaps and whips and swords. Its always looks like the aftermath of a porn movie set when Larry models. (I mean, not that I would know what that looks like).

So we waited. And waited. And waited. Craaa-zy Larry never showed up. Fortunately our Fearless Art Leader had dropped in to help for a few minutes. It was fifteen minutes into the class when he decided he had to call a substitute. But then I heard a voice pipe up behind me and it was "L" the older Hippie Chick I talk to every week. She is just the archetypal hippie from the 60's, but she also has a totally awesome sarcastic sense of humor, which is why I enjoy talking to her.

Anyways, she said she'd model for the class if F.A.L. wanted her too. She used to do that all the time evidentally. And I guess, her daughter has modeled too. So he said yes, albeit reluctantly (long story). But what was weird for me was, I have never seen anyone I actually KNOW model nude. Its one thing to look at random nude people and just draw them. And its weird how basically people just ignore the models socially during the breaks. Its almost like they're invisible. People just don't talk to them. So I was sitting there thinking, this is going to be so freakin' weird, seeing "L" nude. Yikes! Do I look at her like I normally look at her? Do I still kibitz with her like we do during class? I didn't know what to expect. I know Charlemagne the Obnoxious French Guy is also an occasional model, but frankly, if he was there....naked...I don't know if I could handle seeing him. I would be soooo blushing in that situation. Although I don't exactly know why. Well, I do, kinda. Right "A"?

So "L" came out in just her oversized T-shirt she always wears, climbed up on the stage and took it off and there she was in all her nude glory. A 59 year old, chubby hippie chick with big boobs. Yowza. Who knew? It did take me a few minutes to get used to seeing "L" up there. But after the initial fast sketches, I ended up mostly doing facial portraits during the longer poses.

"K" CO-hosted the night with the Sci-fi Guy, who always brings in great music and really good treats for our break and tonight was no different. He collects all oddball music like "I was a teen-aged brain surgeon" and another song about the boredom of being the vice president. He also always plays the music from Beetlejuice for me. And you should have seen all the donuts from Krispy Kreme. damn. Boxes and boxes of them. Usually we have like a bag of tortilla chips and some warm Sprite. But tonight it looked like a party for 50 people. So when I was leaving "K" was all about making me feel special. First he complimented my drawing. And then he helped me fold up my table. And then as I was leaving he was trying to hand me a bunch of cookies and donuts. I had told him about my high cholesterol count during the break, so I said to him, "What are you trying to do to me...kill me with donuts?" But I was smiling when I said it. So he only made me take one. Yeah, he reallllllly twisted my arm. Ouch. Yeah. Really hard. Ok. Its my last donut. I promise. forever.

mumble, mumble...fucking cholesterol...mumble, mumble.

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