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2005-06-16 @ 1:02 a.m.
what'cha gonna do when they come for you...

Driving home from my art class tonight, I get about a half mile from my house and noticed one of those police helicopters flying over my neighborhood, shining a spotlight down on it, a'la "COPS". As I got closer to the corner where I turn, I started seeing more and more cop cars parked along the street and pulling into side streets. When I hit the stoplight, on the right there was a television news crew van filming stuff and on the left there was our Hess gas station entirely roped off with yellow tape and surrounded by 6 cop cars parked at intervals around the perimeters.

Was I freaked out?

Uh huh!! But then again I'm afraid of lint.

So I turned at the light and drove the 1.5 blocks to my house. The helicopter continued to fly over and show the light on the road where I was driving. I got to my house and just sat there for a moment. Obviously there was something going on. And I live behind a dark medical building, 1.5 blocks from an obvious crime scene. Do I run like a maniac into my house and lock all the doors and windows or do I just drive over to my mom's house? I sat and thought for a long moment. I had windows open in my apartment and I could just see some murder suspect jumping in through my window and enjoying some of my Dannon's yogurt while he looking for a place to hide until I got home. I always go for all the Worst Case Scenarios it seems. I did pull out of the driveway and drove back down to the gas station. I wanted to get a cop to come back with me and make sure my house was safe, but once there I felt like a total dork. Plus I was dressed "like a hippie" today for an event at work (more tomorrow about that). I had paisley pants on and big peace symbols and love beads on and I could just see walking up to a cop trying to look like a Janis Joplin wanna-be, saying, "Gee, I think there's criminals in my yard. Would you mind walking with me into my house?"

So I drove back home, gathered up all my gumption and broke into a near gallop to the front door and got into my house with nary a knock over the head with a blunt instrument. And once inside, I determined there were no criminals in my house, so I finally felt a tiny bit better. By then it was almost 11 p.m., so I turned on the news to see what the hell was going on.

I guess it seems that the gas station two blocks from my house had had an armed robbery and the perpetrator was still running around in my neighborhood with a nefarious box cutter.

I'm really starting to like my neighborhood less and less. I always thought it was such an uber safe place to live, but just in the last week, there was this armed robbery and also I caught two kids in the open stairwell of the medical building next door selling drugs.

Well, its late. I had a very entertaining day today. More about that tomorrow. Night all.

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