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2005-07-08 @ 1:13 a.m.
2 ga-zzzillion words and years later....




It's My 2 Year

Diaryland Anniversary



Just thought I would reprint my very first entry on diaryland. I found out about blogs from a newspaper article. I was so out of the loop, I wasn't even aware of them, but as soon as I read the article, I picked diaryland, because it was first on the list and voila! I stopped bugging my friends and shrink with lengthy, angsty e-mails. Now you guys have to suffer. Heh, heh.

So here is my first entry from 7/8/03. Enjoy:

Witty Kitty a ' la Mode

hey, my first entry. welcome all. I thought I had stumbled upon a website for milk products (dairyland). See what happens when you're old and you don't put your glasses on. I'm not really that old, just midway between MTV and death.

Let's see, I'm bipolar. If I were to ever write a book it would probably be entitled "Women Who Write Too Much". I'll probably crash the server with my entries. Sorry in advance for that. I just noticed there's no spellcheck on this. Yikes. Well, bear with me. Bare with me. Guess spellcheck wouldn't have caught that one, huh? Heh, heh. And what's funny is that I am very quiet in person, just loquacious in print. I wrote professionally for newspapers for about 15 years on the West Coast. Film and theatre reviews, humor and satire, Oscar predictions until it got too embarrassing. I like to mouth off in message boards at AOL. Although I got some really angry letters from people who didn't realize that Freedom of Speech applies to everyone, including people you don't agree with. I'm really into that....freedom of speech. Think its pretty important.

I grew up in the Golden State, yeah I admit it, I'm a Democrat, but now live on the East Coast. There are two seasons here, snow and humidity. I have a cat named Guardcat. She's just as wiggy as me and chews on plastic grocery bags. I live in poverty and like to bitch about it. I make fun of yuppies. I have a shrink. He's kind of a yuppie, but I let it slide, because he drove me home once in his Passat. I pretended like I belonged there and it was kinda cool. Not being with him...just being in a cool little car that doesn't drop a pound of rust and have parts fall off everytime you slam the car door. I'm musically inclined and used to work as a graphic artist and use writing as therapy. So sit back, get comfy, cuz like it or not, here comes Witty Kitty...Cue music...

5:12 p.m. 2003-07-08

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