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2005-08-05 @ 8:30 p.m.
what? only a 100 things that make you feel good? what a scandal!

Since the last two days have been about exciting as cement drying, I thought I'd do the latest blog-a-ramus craze. The 100 things I like thing, because things aren't always as they seem. I'm not totally wittykitty. I'm also me. So without further ado, here is my stunning and astounding list:

1. Making people laugh. I learned that from my mom. We have different senses of humor, but I've been doing it since I was a kid. Laughter has always made me feel accepted.
2. Broadway musicals. More than 1/2 of my CDs are Broadway musicals. I love musical theatre. I love the feeling you get when you're in a theatre waiting for the curtain to go up.
3. Hiking in the woods. I love hearing the wind blowing through the trees. Its the only time I'm at peace.
4. Animals. I love all animals. I think it comes from growing up with exotic pets (coatimundis, alligators, snakes, macaws, geckos, etc.).
5. Listening to people sing.
6. Writing. Its the only time I feel powerful.
7. chocolate.
8. Movies. I've been addicted to movies since I was little. I was a movie critic for about 15 years.
9. Doing art work.
10. Walking around art museums.
11. Taking boat rides. Taking the Staten Island Ferry into Manhattan a few years ago was thrilling for me. I felt like I was going to start singing "Don't Rain on My Parade" like Barbra Streisand in "Funny Girl".
12. Standing up for myself (sometimes).
13. Not giving up.
14. Being self sufficient, even under adverse conditions.
15. Still being a very sexual person well into my 40's.
16. Looking good for my age.
17. Being compassionate.
18. Being in good shape physically and walking 10-15 miles a week.
19. Being healthy.
20. Being Queen of the double entendres. :-)
21. Able to grow lovely gardens.
22. Able to teach people music.
23. Able to help people in support groups.
24. Seeing the irony in almost every situation.
25. Understanding my mother a little better more recently.
26. Hugs.
27. Loving to be touched in a loving way.
28. Even though I'm fairly scattered mentally, when I have to be organized, like with my governmental paperwork, I'm
right on the money.
29. Seeing "comments for awittykitty" in my mailbox. :-)
30. Being amazed at how good some of my photos were, that I took when I was in my 20's.
31. Did I mention my feet are magnificent? And I can pick up coins with my toes too. Maybe I should put that in my profile.
32. I've taught myself to draw from scratch in the last two years and I think I'm pretty good.
33. My cat thinks I'm awesome.
34. I've connected with some really nice people on diaryland. I'm glad I was able to let my guard down and enjoy your company. Thank you!
35. I have some nice life long friends in California and NYC. I'm glad they've stuck with me. I'm lucky.
36. I'm glad someone invented microwaves, so I won't starve to death.
37. I like how whacked out Guardcat gets when I come home. Its like a major cat meow-a-thon for about 10 minutes. I feel very loved.
38. Even though I totaled my first car, I was ok.
39. The Internet. Yay!
40. Johnny Depp. Woot!
41. Cold, refrigerated grapes.
42. Diet coke with lime.
43. McFlurries.
44. Soft serve chocolate/vanilla swirled ice cream dipped in chocolate.
45. Hugging my dad the last time I saw him and saying I love you.
46. Completing a drawing and feeling like its good.
47. Going into my art class and feeling like I'm an accepted part of a community.
48. The movie "Cabaret". It changed my life at age 14.
49. Meeting celebrities. The anticipation is almost always more than the experience, but its still fun.
50. Watching movies being made.
51. Chopping down a Christmas tree out in a snowy field and dragging it back to the car. I did that twice with Married Guy and really enjoyed the experience.
52. Getting a check with my name on it.
53. Having a winning lottery ticket in my hand (I'm just pretending that I know what that feels like, since it hasn't happened yet. YET, I say...dammit!!).
54. Beating a guy at a sport.
55. Flirting. :-)
56. Putting on a nice outfit and feeling like I look good.
57. Geeze, how could I have forgotten this one...getting a massage!!
58. Laughing.
59. Pleasing my shrink. Yeah, I know, stupid. But I do like to please "A", by doing things that I'm supposed to do. And my life has improved dramatically over the last 10 years of seeing him, aside from our minor squabbles.
60. Seeing the reaction of someone opening up a gift I picked that they like.
61. Guardcat sitting on my lap while I watch TV.
62. Catching guys scoping me out in grocery stores.
63. Anything to do with water...swimming, hot tubs, whirlpools. I love water. Must be the Aquarius in me.
64. Going to bed and not having to set the alarm.
65. yogurt.
66. Testing hand creams in the all health and beauty stores. I'm like a total hand cream whore.
67. Finding some great CD at a tag sale for 50 cents.
68. When my bathroom scale miraculously says one pound less than yesterday.
69. When I feel that I have somehow broken through to a client and connected with them for the first time.
70. When I feel like someone likes me and there is no ulterior motives.
71. Postcards. I've been collecting them since I was a kid. I love getting them.
72. When "A" doesn't get any phone calls during my appointment.
73. orgasms.
74. Being nonchalant about nudity.
75. When I finally accept something I can't change.
76. I like that I'm not exactly normal, because I think being normal would be boring.
77. Accepting of all types of people. I may make fun of certain "types" occasionally, but its mainly for writing sake. My circle of friends in high school was like the United Nations. I had one of every color and every sexual orientation and every religion. I like just about anyone unless they're jerky or they do something weird.
78. I like all kinds of comedy, from Austin Powers and Monty Python to Woody Allen and Jon Stewart. I used to go see comedians all the time when I lived in California. I love the art of comedy.
79. The sound of windchimes is nice.
80. I like walking on windy days.
81. I love bright, colorful dishes from the 1950's, like Fiestaware and Bauer.
82. I love Tim Burton movies.
83. Live music is great!
84. Fooling people into thinking I'm cool, when I'm actually walking around doing things like knocking over large coffee displays in stores (Tuesday). eep.
85. The smell of rosemary.
86. Andy Kaufman lip synching the words to the theme of "Mighty Mouse". Ha! Hilarious.
87. Pee Wee Herman. My comedic god. Hee! Anytime I find his videos at garage sales I always scoop them up.
88. Having a good hair day.
89. Vacuuming. I'm very OCD about vacuuming. It just feels good. Yay!
90. Watching the birds at my bird feeder.
91. Getting some beauty treatment done, like a hair cut or waxing or manicure.
92. Watching old home videos and seeing how we all looked when we were younger.
93. Looking at art or photography books at Barnes and Nobles.
94. My car starts!
95. Weeping excessively during an episode of "Extreme Home Makeover" when some poor family gets a new house. I'm such a sucker for that show!
96. I get to look up at my favorite picture of my Dad and I on my computer and remember the good times.
97. I can scan my boob on my scanner...and have. :-)
98. I love walking barefoot through wet grass.
99. Clean sheets feel good.
100. What? Only a 100 things that feel good?

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