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2005-08-27 @ 10:27 p.m.
a bloggie thingie on saturday night

Oh geeze, I'm such a sheep. I just follow all the bloggie thingies that people send out. I've seen this several places and since my brain is still packed in a box somewhere, I thought I would send this out tonight. So here it is: The Latest Blog impressed:

10 years ago I was a very unhappy camper. Very unhappy. I was living with my mom. I was working for a catholic newspaper and getting paid in votive candles I think. I had been looking for a decent shrink since moving to the East coast and had gone through several. The first guy, an Iranian, used to sit at a desk, not look at me...EVER, and always eat a sandwich during my session. He made me feel invisible. I finally asked for a new therapist through my HMO and got sent to this woman. I had trouble speaking and once erroneously told her that I could only speak to my cat, so she suggested that I bring my cat into the office and speak directly to my cat, like it was my therapist and that maybe my cat could help me. Hooo-kay, lady. Sure, I'll talk to my cat. I just won't let you bill your freakin' HMO. How's that??

And then one day at work, we had this funky guy with crazy, crazy wild black hair come in. He kinda looked like Howie Mandel and actually kinda acted like him too. He was a therapist provided by our company for short term therapy for work related matters. His name was "A". After the introductory speech, I took his number but didn't call him for several months, but finally I was so severely depressed, I finally called him, and I'll never forget what he said at my first appointment..."Don't be afraid." That was 10 years ago next month I think. And he's really made a huge difference in my life. I no longer suffer from depression like I once did. He also got me out of my mother's house which was major. And, oh, after not having a speaking voice for over 8 years, I got it back. Talk about miracles at Lourdes. Thanks "A"!!

5 years ago While I was able to kick ass on my depression, I still wasn't quite able to wrestle down my bipolar illness so I went on disability. Fortunately around the same time, while I was waiting for it to kick in, my uncle passed away and I inherited $8000 so I was able to live on that until I got the money. I was fairly ill at the beginning of my disability and was hospitalized several times. It really wasn't a very good time, except for the fact that I met Married Guy during this period and was establishing a friendship with him. I mostly just sat around the house and moped though.

1 year ago around this time, I interviewed for the P/T job I now have. I was a nervous wreck because I hadn't worked in 4 years and I didn't have any confidence in my abilities. But I had really hit bottom financially and was bouncing checks (unintentionally) and going to food pantries and nearly having my power shut off and was without a car for 3 months. I was so desperate for money last summer that I asked Married Guy if I could clean his house for $20. His entire house. He said no, but if I wanted to clean out his refrigerator, he'd give me $20, so I did. (He should have given me $50 for THAT job, yuck!)

Yesterday I was recuperating from moving to a new apartment and feeling the need to bitch slap a certain nurse for being so rude. But I did refrain from any physical violence, largely because I was feeling too crummy to do so. But at least I got to sleep in my nice, new apartment and listen to chickadees sing their song this morning.

5 Snacks I enjoy: (1) yogurt; (2) dark chocolate nonpareils (I'm totally addicted); (3) trail mix (4) pretzels (5) And lets face it, Hostess chocolate cupcakes!

5 Songs I know all the words to (but please don't make me prove it): (1) Rescue Me by Fontella Bass (2) Satisfaction by Mick Jagger; (3) Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles; (4) Wild Thing by The Trogs (?); (5) All You Need is Love by The Beatles (wow, witty, really? considering the lyrics just repeat over and over)

5 things I would do with $100 million: 1) Pay off "A"s rather substantial bill and then with the remaining $99 million 2) get massages everyday 3) Buy a new car that doesn't stall. That's absolutely required. No stalling!!! 4) New car for my mom 5) New house for me. Oh, one more....6) New cars for all my buddies on diaryland, blog-land, blogspace, blogtopia, where ever the hell you're all running off to.

5 places I would run away to: (1) San Francisco (2) Sonoma County, California; (3) New York City; (4) Ireland; (5) Australia.

5 things I would never wear: (1) thong underwear; (2) anything with the word "Nascar" on it; (3) polyester; (4) clogs; and (5) a gold tooth.

5 favorite TV shows (I haven't had cable in several years, but when I did...): (1) Six Feet Under ; (2) The Sopranos; (3) Survivor; (4) Ummm; (5) Ehhhh. I really don't watch much TV.

5 biggest joys: (1) making people laugh; (2) creating art; (3) feeling good about myself; (4) walking in the woods; (5) anything to do with water....swimming, boating, hot tubs, hand held high pressure personal showers that you can aim at your lower extremities. :-)

5 favorite toys: (1) my computer; (2) my vibrator; (3) my sense of humor; (4) my cat -- (hey, I play with her); (5) I really don't have many toys, but Christmas is coming in 4 months!!

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