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2005-09-03 @ 11:09 p.m.
what they don't put in the brochures

Ok, my new village is great. I really like it. It looks like something out of a freakin' Norman Rockwell painting. Its very New Englandy and I like that, since I can't have anything California-y since I live on the East Coast now. Like no Spanish-style haciendas, just Cape Cod homes with flowers that grow in our very short 3 month growing season.

But when you move to a new neighborhood, there are always things that you don't notice. Or maybe you do subconsciously but they don't register in the operational part of your brain.

Like in my last place. Heh. I went and looked at this little in-law unit behind the Eye-talian's house and I was so enthralled with the fact that it wasn't a mold-infested basement apartment like I was living in, I failed to notice two major things. The fact that it was directly across the street from a fire station and of course the A/C unit from hell. I think you go into rentals and the landlord is standing there and you're trying to be on your best behavior and not let on that you're really a serial killer, because you really like the place and want them to like you, so you miss glaring facts, like perhaps the Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant is a mile down from your house. And I'm usually pretty observant.

For instance in my new apartment....As far as my immediate neighbors, the ones on both sides of me and under me -- very quiet. I only hear their showers and dishwashers running. No loud stereos (thank God) or loud televisions. No loud parties. Once in California I inadvertently moved in next to a drug dealer in an apartment complex and I used to get all of his junkies knocking at my door at odd hours needing a fix. I got so I didn't open the door, I would just yell "Next door" and then say "Asshole" under my breathe. The best part of him being my neighbor was that he never complained when I played the piano because I didn't tell anyone he was selling crack. It was a lovely arrangement.

But I do have a "noisy" neighbor across the way. My apartment complex is shaped in a U, so our porches are all facing each other. Thursday morning I had gotten woken up by some vague screaming. It was a girl's voice saying "I hate you, I hate you" over and over. I peeked out my window, but couldn't tell where it was coming from. I figured it was just some teenager walking by or something. And then last night when I went to bed around 12:30, which is early for me, because I'm battling an infection, I was almost asleep around 1:15 when I started hearing all this screaming again. Most lights were out in the complex, except for the apartment directly across the courtyard, so I knew where it was coming from. And in it were two people having a huge knock down drag out fight and I instantly recognized the girl's voice. The "I hate you" girl. I looked over and could see them physically fighting in the living room and things were getting smashing. They had their damn door open after all. I really wanted to call 911, because I used to call them all the time on some previous neighbors who used to live under me and would throw furniture around. This went on for quite a while, which really ticked me off. It was nearing 2 a.m. and I had to get up for work today, so I finally just closed all my windows and turned up my fan. But dammit, one of the reasons I moved here was so that I could leave my windows open and listen to the crickets at night.

Needless to say I was very tired today. I got the results to my blood tests back on Friday and my cholesterol is very high (over 300, which the nurse graciously added was "dangerous"), but I also have some kind of weird thing going on in my blood. I wasn't real lucid when the nurse was explaining it, but it has to do with a certain blood enzyme level being really high indicating that I have some kind of inflammation raging through my body. Gee, I could have told you that without a blood test. I had thought all my tiredness and pain was just from the stress of the move. Unfortunately my doctor can't prescribe any kind of cholesterol lowering medication until this inflammation thing is under control, but thus far, nothing has been mentioned about how we're going to do that. So in the meantime, I'm having chest pains, I have dangerously high cholesterol, my whole body is inflamed and nobody is doing anything.

Its soooo cool to be me.

At least I know why I've been such a bitch lately. (its always good when you have a legitimate excuse rather than just a lame one, like that I'm actually a bitch).

I did go to work this morning. Just did a group with "J". We really got into a heavy discussion about the flooding in New Orleans. I had avoided watching any coverage of it until last night, because I've been a little depressed about my health and not having any shrink appointments with the ever lovely "A" lately and didn't need any help feeling worse.

After I got off, I went directly home, talked to my mom briefly and then laid down, which brings us to the second thing I didn't notice about my new neighborhood before I moved here. I live directly across the street from someone who obviously does childcare. And how the hell could I miss it? Its a house on a corner, with a 7 foot high chain link fence and about 34 pink and yellow plastic jungle gyms out in the yard. And what's that other thing? Oh there's about 500 kids running around screaming much of the day.

I really do need to bring a seeing eye dog with me, when I look at apartments.

So I laid down to rest at about 2 to a symphony of screaming children and woke up at 7:20 (!!) to kids STILL screaming. My wake up call was particularly memorable. I could hear a smaller kid crying like he had just fallen and some older kid, with this really annoying voice screaming, "Ha, ha, ha you fell down. I think you broke your neck! I hope your brains fall out. Die! Die! Die!" And I was laying in bed wondering where the fuck the child care person was, because I was about 1000 feet away, blocked by a row of trees, but it was like they were in my bedroom, it was so loud.

I was also angry at myself for sleeping so long. I guess my body needed it, but still. I had wanted to go for a walk. I've been here for about 5 days already and have yet to walk around my new neighborhood. Harold the Geek from "A"s group just lives 2 blocks away. I was going to walk by his house and see if he was out washing his mother's car in his safari outfit. My neighborhood is not new though. I lived here 2.5 years ago. I like the Village. That's why I moved back. It's very idyllic. Except for the Satan's spawn across the street. So I just closed the back windows until it got dark and the kids went in. See every problem has a solution...eventually.

So remember when I talked about the huge spiders the other day? Well, they're still all out there...waiting for me to slip up somehow, so that they can take me into their webbed lair and make me their queen or something. Well, when I went to get the mail Friday, I naturally looked up when I stepped out to make sure I wouldn't run into some errant spider web and I saw the biggest dragonfly I've ever seen, just hanging upside-down from the slatted wood ceiling. That damn thing must have measured at least 5-6 inches long with a wing span of about 8-9 inches. It was huge! I really couldn't figure out what the hell it was doing hanging upside down though. And then as I walked down the walkway, I started seeing them about every third apartment....the dragonflies, just nonchalantly hanging upside down from the ceiling and I was like WTF? Why are all the insects around here so huge?

I just hope I didn't slip up when I looked at these apartments and my creek is actually the flood plain from some super secret mini nuclear power plant disguised as a picturesque Episcopalian church. Of course that may explain my sudden highly elevated blood enzymes. And wouldn't that just be my luck? Big spiders and nuclear waste. Its just not something they put in brochures.

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