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2005-10-02 @ 11:37 p.m.
sunday meme of the utmost importance

A list I stole from poolagirl

I am not…confident

I hurt…when I see animals in distress

I love…art and chocolate

I hate ...cigarette smoke and lying

I fear…intimacy, spiders, everything

I hope…I win the lottery so that I can buy a newer volvo than my brother's

I hear…Harry Connick, Jr. playing jazz in the background

I crave…affection

I regret…telling my Dad' third wife I knew she was stealing his money

I cry…more than Tammy Fae Bakker

I care…about what people think too much

I always…avoid conflicts

I long to....find my soulmate so that I can experience marriage counseling firsthand

I feel alone…everyday

I listen…to what's being said between the lines

I hide…my feelings and anger and let things build up

I drive…therefore, I am (confucious, 478 BC)

I sing…like a rock star in my car...just not anywhere else

I dance…when democrats get elected

I write…like no one's reading

I breathe…a sigh of relief every time my car starts

I play…the piano

I miss…my dad so freakin' much

I feel…incredibly frustrated without a car

I know…all the words to "Total Eclipse of the Heart". call CNN

I say… “Hey flippyhead" to my cat every morning

I search…for $100 bills on the ground

I learn…from watching people rather than reading books

I succeed…occasionally. I just never savor it

I fail…when it comes to love and money. shit.

I dream…of having a house with a garden

I sleep…very tentatively, just like I live

I wonder…when I'll meet someone I can love

I want…to be thinner and be able to get the daily show with jon stewart

I worry…that I'll die alone

I have....enough angst to replace all the water in all the oceans on the planet

I give…up sometimes, until my shrink gives me The Look

I fight…pain by sheer determination

I wait…for hell to freeze over, so that I can finally win the lottery

I need…a new car, love, an endless supply of batteries for my sex toys

I am…creative and humorous, unless you count humble

I think… people should stop killing each other over stupid things

I can’t help the fact that…I have a lot of skills, but can't seem to be successful

I stay…hooked up to the internet so I don't have to have a life

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Lyrics by Lennon/McCartney. All angst copyright by awittykitty