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2005-10-31 @ 12:45 a.m.
skullduggery on spooky night

October was one of the most depressing, cloudiest months in recent history here in the Village. On the weather last night they showed a graph of the month of October and we only had 4 full days of sun. Three at the beginning of the month, and one day on the 20th. So you can imagine my delight when I woke up this morning to blue skies and temperatures, which would eventually top out in the 60's.

And I was ready for it. I threw open my windows, opened my porch door and laid on the bed with Guardcat, saying "Who's the queen of the universe times 12?" That's our lovey dovey talk. She knows that once I take myself out of the running, that SHE'S the Queen of the Universe Times 12, which, in case you can't interpret all our incredibly sappy girlie/kitty talk, is a great place to be.

I even took a little time for myself and had a date with B.O.B. (battery operated boyfriend)...our second date, in as many days. I'm finally starting to feel a little better with my medication, and now I keep having all these really vivid dreams involving boys and nudity and people in my boudoir...yikes! Yesterday, for instance, I had had this really intriguing dream which I immediately wrote in an e-mail to "A" because we are on a quest for me to figure out what they all mean and maybe unlock some of the things that are holding me back in certain areas. And then today, I had another. I decided not to e-mail this one, but I did write it out and I will save it to bring when I see him next week, because its a doozy. It seemed to involve a lot of things getting plugged into things. Its gonna be a regular Freud-o-fest.

But it was a beautiful day out and I didn't want to waste a moment and I even realized I had forgotten to set my clocks back, so I had even more time to dawdle. I finally went over to the lakes by my house around noon. And it was absolutely stunning over there. The fall colors were blazing. The skies were dark blue. The waters out at our lakes were originally formed by glaciers so they are this piercing turquoise blue color, and the water is so incredibly clear that you can look deep down into it and see old tree branches and fish swimming around. Its really stunning.

Naturally, after a month of cold, wet, rainy, snowy weather, there were a lot of people walking around the lake. Deservedly so. I didn't mind. I walk fairly slow, so I get to see a lot of people passing me. Like the young couple who stopped and kissed in front of me. And this old couple walking towards me. Talk about oddball. They looked like they just fallen out of a Hercule Poirot 1920 murder mystery novel. The woman was small and slender and had round black sunglasses, a beret, penny loafers, a gray wool skirt and a large floppy rose pinned to her lapel. The man, who was fairly rotund, also had tiny horned rimmed glasses, a waxed mustache, a hounds tooth coat, a Sherlock Holmes type cap and a cane with a silver tip. I didn't stop to listen, but it seemed inevitable that they probably had a British accent. Why wouldn't they, dressed like that?

There were a lot of people with dogs out on the trail today too. Big ones. Little ones. Fuzzy Ones. Huskies. Poodles. Black Labs. Chows. Boston Terriers. In fact the whole trail came to a total halt when a Japanese girl had to shoot some pictures of two Boston Terriers. The guy seemed a little embarrassed that his Terriers were clogging up the trail, but the girl was totally entranced with the Boston Terriers and kept shooting away and giggling.

When I finally got up to the Upper Lake, I saw a family sitting on one of the benches at the edge of the lake. It's very cool around the Village for yuppie families to adopt Asian kids. So there was this golden yuppie family sitting on this bench with their little Asian daughter and she was adorable of course. The Dad was saying the old kid's saying, "Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair...." But everytime the Dad tried to go any further, the little three year old kept yelling, "Fuzzy Wuzzy HAD NO HEAD, DADDY!!!" Yeah, you gotta admit, that was kind of cute. Maybe that was the Halloween version.

After my walk at the lake, I headed over to my brother's. Yeah! On purpose! Go figure. He's not my favorite person in the world. Not even my hundredth favorite, but last night I had been chatting to my friend "G" down in Manhattan and he had given me a DVD Player 2 years ago, and Retardo girl here, has yet to ever figure out how to hook the damn thing up. And Lord knows I've tried. And I know my brother knows how to do all that stuff, since he's a techno geek. But I knew I'd have to listen to all his I'm awesome, I own a gold Volvo stuff, look at me stuff. So I dropped in.

Him and his girlfriend, although we're not allowed to call her his "Girlfriend", we have to refer to her as his "Best Friend", were just hanging out enjoying their brand new pet birds. I can't type what they are because they are Googling all the info about them and Lord knows I don't want them to find this diary, but they are birds from Australia and they are very cute and colorful and chirpy.

My brother was relatively calm today. Not as self centered as he usually is. And when he's like that, he's actually a pretty nice guy. He does get caught on subjects he's interested on though, and then I'm trapped listening to something I know nothing about and have no interest in. Today it was New Age music. He likes a particular artist, who I do know for a particular reason and he talked about him for over an hour and he even burned me a CD. And what's funny, the reason I know this artist and CD? Its the same CD Married Guy used to play when he massaged me. So squeeee! I can't wait to play it, so I can relive my hap-hap-happy times with Married Guy. Yay!

I did finally ask him if he could come over and hook up my DVD Player because I'm a techno-retard, and since he likes any chance to prove his superiority over me, he said he would come over some night this week. So yay, I will finally have a DVD player, and my friend Trish on the West Coast, will no longer have a reason to berate me for being so stupid.

And lastly, since its nearly midnight on the eve of Halloween, I just wanted to offer a little artwork o'mine in that vein. I had drawn some Jack Skellington at this time last year, but I've been unable to find it, so I guess you're stuck with a skull and an ass. Who else but witty would give you a skull and ass, huh?

So if you want to thank me from the bottom of your evil filled heart, drop me a comment about your scariest Halloween event or memory. And if you want to hear mine...stick around for a moment....

About 20 years ago, I decided to go walking around Petaluma on Halloween night. It was a very popular neighborhood and I always like to go out walking amongst the kids and parents, looking at all the costumes and enjoying the excitement of the kids. The sidewalks were absolutely teaming with activity. At some points, we were like 3 or 4 deep. The noise and screaming were deafening. Petaluma really went all out in decorating.

One house was particularly gruesome with 5 full sized coffins on the front lawn with real people laying in them in full death makeup. They also had a guy laying off the front porch roof bleeding. The whole thing had also had all this intricate lighting and sound effects and music. Don't forget, Petaluma was right up over the hill from George Lucas' Industrial Lights and Magic studios. I think they probably were movie folk in the house. This stuff was just too good to be the work of amateurs.

Anyhoo, my scary thing has nothing to do with this house. It has to do with taking a wrong turn somewhere. Something I'm famous for. So I was walking with all the kids and crowds and then I turned off on this side street and suddenly it was considerably less crowded. In fact, suddenly, it was like only a few people. And the street lights were less closely spaced together and the wind was blowing a little harder. And the leaves were crunching a little harder under my feet. And not surprisingly, I could hear my heart beating a little louder.


And suddenly, very close to my right ear, like about 5 inches behind my head, I heard this deep booming voice say, "You're next!" and I whirled around to see The Grim Reaper towering over my right shoulder. He was huge. He was like, nearly blocking out the sky. It scared the living shit out of me!! And then suddenly I was distracted by some kids running by laughing in front of me and then when I turned back to look again...there was nothing there.


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