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2005-12-08 @ 6:27 p.m.
LIVE from Snow City.... this and that, remembering Lennon

wittykitty reporting to you LIVE from Snow City. If you were wondering who that weird girl was photographing herself in front of the cool restaurant downtown on Monday, it was me. My official staff photographer was on another assignment photographing another weird girl in front of another restaurant sign in another part of the city. It happens. Its a very specialized field, ya know. Plus I had to capture the moment. I had the perfect weather conditions...SNOW. I had the John Lennon hat thing going, since I knew that today was going to be the 25th anniversary of his unfortunate and untimely departure and I wanted to do a brief tribute to him. I am, in fact, listening to “Hey Jude” as I’m writing this, just to get in the mood.

John Lennon meant a lot to me. His music. His politics. His need to stir up shit. Him and my Dad, in fact, shared the same birthday. When I went down to NYC a few years ago, my friend “G” brought me over to the Dakota apartments where he was shot. I wasn’t expecting that. He didn’t tell me where we were going. And then there we were...standing in front of this huge Gothic looking building about a block from Central Park. I still didn’t know what it was until “G” told me. It was very emotional for me. Standing where John Lennon’s life ended. And for some reason, I kept expecting Yoko Ono to step out of the door any moment, if for no other reason then to just get within camera range.

No witty, Yoko Ono will not be coming out so you can gawk and take pictures of her with your Fuji throwaway camera. Well, I can dream, can’t I? Of course, I could always play the old Fab Four game. Instead of yelling Marco Polo and having someone be “It”, there’s the always fabulous variation called, “Yoko....Ono....Yoko...Ono...”

Today was infinitely better than the last couple of weeks with the kind words from “A” and some very helpful suggestions from my electrifyingly sexy mentor Hiss. (thanks, my dear). I met my client this morning and we went to lunch. She just inherited $7000 and she’s thrilled, of course, because she has always lived in total poverty including being homeless. So getting the money right before Christmas, was like winning the freaking lottery for her. And I got caught up in her excitement and felt good for her. I almost.....A L M O S T....even liked Christmas for about 10 minutes today when I went out shopping with her. She was so excited about being able to buy gifts for her family and to me, that is what Christmas is all about. Making people happy with no hidden agenda.

And then it was back to the office for a meeting with my two Empowerment co-horts. Were they on time for our meeting? Nope. But guess what? Wimp-a-la-mode here, roared out of the gates, and for like the first time ever, I told them absolutely everything I thought was wrong with our group last week. I mean everything. And they sat there is stone silence with their heads down. There was a brief rebuttal...”Well, we’re really busy and you’re not here at the office” to which I replied, “Well, that’s why we have planning meetings. If you tell me what you need done, I’ll be happy to do it!”. I was shocked at how well I did. Its not that I dislike my co-workers. They’re nice girls. I just thought they fumbled the ball last week, and I didn’t want them to do it again this week or for the rest of the class. And since it was going so swimmingly, I also brought up the subject of respecting our clients and I actually think the message got through to them, so YAY ME!!! Woot!

So this is awittykitty reporting to you LIVE from Snow City and be sure to keep your tender vegetation covered, otherwise you might get arrested! :-)

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