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2005-12-28 @ 12:28 a.m.
what men really want to see on

Hey! I decided to maybe change the picture on my profile. I havenít been getting many hits lately (like none), except from guys who are either paralyzed from the neck down and have no hope of ever walking again or guys who talk like: ďHi! How are U? U wanna have some Fun! LOL. I lik to walk on the beech and giv masssages. LOL. Pleese writ to ME. Im a grate guy! LOL LOL LOL!!Ē

So here is the picture I decided to throw up on my profile. I figure its direct and to the point for all the guys on It shows the very attribute that is most important to men. And why not market what I have, right? And Iím also fairly certain I will probably have at least 323 3 dates and 52 2 marriage proposals by New Years.

So new, uber exciting photo for 2006!!

(See what happens when your shrink goes on vacation for a few days? I slack off on my meds and suddenly pictures of me in my new bra start showing up on the Internet. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!)

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