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2006-04-16 @ 7:11 p.m.
happy eater - - otay!

My friend “G” down in New York City sent me this picture today and it really cracked me up. “G” is always able to find these pictures that are on the verge of being truly distasteful thus extremely humorous. I also enjoyed the picture of a cat in goggles who was wielding a large, threatening rusty chainsaw over a patch of fresh, dewey pumpkins last Halloween. That’s why I love him. He knows funny when he sees it.

So I popped on an Instant Message after I saw the picture and said: “heh, heh...Easter Bunny Psycho Part II...the real story. Love it!”. And he typed “Happy Easter” and then in my tired, sugar impaired, drugged out state I typed “Happy Eater”. Fortunately I caught it in time and added in the letter “S”, but then I thought it was kind of funny (perhaps only because I’m in a tired, sugar impaired, drugged out state at the moment). So then I typed: “I just accidentally typed Eater, so ‘Happy Eater. Otay!!’”

No reply from my friend.

No reply from my friend.

No reply from my friend

I guess when you’re channeling Buckwheat from “The Little Rascals”, not everyone will get such an obscure reference.

"happy eater, everyone!"

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